ADRIENNE TRAPANI – Andromedan Transmission – 10-31-17 – by Multidimensioal U .com

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This is Aja,, A few weeks ago – today is October 25th, 2017. A couple weeks ago, in a private session with a client, we discovered and reconnected this person back into an Andromedan aspect. This Andromedan aspect is masculine energy and works as part of a team in a sector of the Andromeda galaxy with several planetary systems, and working in partnership with their planetary consciousness. I’m very curious to understand more of this connection, this partnership, especially as it applies to Earth, Gaia’s planetary consciousness and how we may or might work with her better during this ascension timeline. I’m going to connect in with him and see – – he’s already told me that he would be happy to give a dissertation, so here we go.

Message from a sector of the Andromeda Galaxy:

“Greetings. We have established communication. It…

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