Nature Walks – After the Rain


Nature Walks – After the Rain

Living right next to a busy street, I run a little fan in my bedroom for white noise and ventilation.  So I didn’t hear the rain falling early this morning.  I really wanted to go on another bird walk, so I waited awhile until the skies cleared off, which they do quite fast sometimes.



By the time I drove to Green Cay, the roads were drying.  The boardwalk was still wet in places, but rapidly drying out in the warm Florida sunshine.  “Season” is starting up; there was a bigger crowd than I was used to, the snowbirds are arriving, along with the migratory birds from the northern climes.  Winter is coming.


Every time I go to these wetlands, the cast of characters changes.  As I walked along the boardwalk, I could feel a wave of gratitude for having such a place nearby, where I felt safe and where there was such a variety of wildlife to view and photograph.  There weren’t any alligators today, but plenty of birds.



So, if I spend time in Nature taking photos, it is due to a desire to stay calm and centered, grounded and safe within.   Seek that which will give you sustenance and peace, as this time of chaos will last for awhile.  And then all will be much changed, lighter and more harmonious.

More photos:








“Sunny” VaCoupe (aka Eliza Ayres)

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