Nature Walks – Autumn Outings


Nature Walks – Autumn Outings

Given the temperatures have moderated a bit as Florida slowly moves into what passes for autumn here, I decided to venture out on some different outings, one to the Wellington Environmental Preserve and another one to John Prince County Park.  I last visited both places back in the spring when the air temperatures and humidity were beginning to climb.  Today, the skies were blue with a few fluffy clouds and the humidity was considerably lower, thus finally tolerable to this northerner.


The drawback of going to these two parks was that getting bird photos was more difficult.  At the Wellington Center, the birds are shy, flying away when any human comes slightly towards their direction.  And this time, at John Prince, I didn’t see the variety of animals first seen there last spring, no turtles, squirrels or gators.  So, most of my photos this time will be landscapes, pretty boring to my eyes since I’ve spent years hiking, camping, and backpacking in the magnificent mountains of the Pacific Northwest.  Yet I need to feel grateful that a few open spaces have been left undeveloped in this over-built area.


More photos:







“Sunny” VaCoupe (aka Eliza Ayres)

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Photo Credits:  Eliza Ayres

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