Magenta Pixie – Alignment to the Vibration of Creation


In your current time period, you move into the energetic cycle that contains the consciousness sphere of time you call Samhain. This, a time for an opening of the portal that lies close to the gateway of the full moon, it is the full moon that holds the energies of the Samhain seed point creating an opening betwixt the matter and antimatter realms. Here then is your incantation…

Denise LeFay – Three Earths: Highest Ascending Earth; Secondary Ascending Earth, and; Descending Earth


Or as this has been called years ago, Planet or Earth A, Earth A/B and Earth B. Earth A is the primary highest frequency ascending Earth with a matching frequency population. Earth A/B is the secondary ascending Earth with an extremely wide range of humans, consciousness and awareness. Some on it are aware of the […]

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Is the Tangled DC Web Being Used To Entrap the Spiders?

Provocative thoughts here regarding the ongoing Mueller probe…

Deus Nexus

Washington DC has always been home to political intrigue. What a tangled web to unweave.

When I first read that the Podesta Group had been swept up into Robert Mueller’s investigation of Russian collusion, that Tony Podesta had stepped down from his company, I felt something really strange is going on here. What if this entire Russian collusion probe into President Trump is one big Trojan Horse designed to conceal the real target of the investigation… the Clintons (as well as the vile Podesta brothers) and thus trick the mainstream, corporate-controlled media into covering the entire investigation.

Is it possible? Is Mueller secretly working with Trump to expose Dem corruption?

I’ve asked this question before, and I honestly don’t have an answer. Is “President Donald Trump some kind of Machiavellian genius or is he is simply a crass buffoon.” I’ve also presented the argument that President Trump may be…

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Magenta Pixie – Imagination: The Portal to Source


Portal to Source. Imagination fields of hyperspace, Dreamtime dreamscapes. Connecting in a romantic relationship with the non-physical, extraterrestrial Soul Partner or Twin Flame. Blueprinted experiences for the highest good of the individualized soul and the physical incarnation. The White Winged Collective Consciousness of Nine, through Magenta Pixie.

Originally posted in April 2016.

The Soul Matrix: Magenta Pixie Interview


Magenta Pixie appears on ‘The Soul Matrix’ hosted by Steve Nobel. Magenta speaks about her new book ‘Divine Architecture and the Starseed Template’. This interview ends with a meditation.

The Soul Matrix Information, news, ideas/tools, and free resources on ascension, global awakening, consciousness, meditation, energy hygiene and healing, psychic protection, starseeds and much more…


Archangel Michael via Ronna Herman: The Ecstasy of Sacred Love

Illuminations Now!!

Archangel Michael via Ronna Herman: The Ecstasy of Sacred LoveBeloved masters, we ask you to pause for a moment and turn inward as you quickly move into your Sacred Heart Center. Take a deep breath and tap into your Sacred Mind as well. Now ponder these questions: What is it that you yearn for above all things?  What is missing from your life that […] click on picture for original

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Energy Update: Revelation, Healing, And Integration Of Shadow Frequencies

SoulFullHeart Way Of Life

By Jelelle Awen


The energies ARE personal. As personal as it gets as you ARE energy. You are a multidimensional, galactic BEing inside of a human form. You are connected to higher dimensional expressions, star BEing aspects of your Metasoul (soul source). You are BEcoming and merging with the consciousness of these star BEings from other timelines, other dimensions, other planets, other galaxies more and more in a process that is MEANT to impact you personally as this happens.

Does it feel sometimes like the ascension energies are outside of you?  The gateways and vortexes opening? The stargates activating? The sun flares and geomagnetic storms churning? Does it feel like these things are happening outside of you in a distant, vast, and irrelevant outer space with little impact on your daily reality? If so, this can lead to a sense of distancing from the ascension process and that it is…

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