Nature Walks, 11.30.2017 – Back to the Birds


DSCN4859 (2)

Blue Jay and Palm Berries

Nature Walks, 11.30.2017 – Back to the Birds

After taking a few days… actually nearly two weeks off from visiting the wetlands, I was back at it, once again.  The crowds were a wee bit thinner today, but a major holiday just ended and perhaps some of the snowbirds (two-legged ones) went back to New York.


I visited both Wakodahatchee and Green Cay this morning and was blessed with two alligator sightings, as well as some wood storks, a Roseate Spoonbill (too distant to photograph), a handsome blue jay and the usual suspects, including coots, marsh hens, egrets, herons, ducks, and turtles.


The Wood Storks are back!

Just walking without pain was nice.  I’ve had a few falls of late, but haven’t broken anything, just got a few bruises.  Slippery tile floors and moving too fast, I guess.  Still, in observing some of my fellow walkers, I’m doing pretty well for a “senior”.  Don’t look it or act it, of course, although I don’t dye my hair, either.


Nap Time

Here are some more photos.  Just for fun, I thought I would throw in a couple of black and whites since my photo editor allows it.


Fishing Buddies – White Ibis and Tri-colored Heron


Wild Coffee

DSCN4865 (2)

Tri-colored Heron



Green Heron


That’s all folks!


Eliza Ayres (aka “Sunny” VaCoupe)

© All Rights Reserved, Elizabeth Ayres Escher,

Sundeelia: Ongoing Developments and Revelations


star ship

Sundeelia: Ongoing Developments and Revelations

It’s raining outside once again.  I woke up in the wee hours of this day, the 29th of November, while the skies were still dark and have been working on the blog, per usual.  It is my only real “job” these days.  Yesterday was a difficult day for me.  I’m still getting accustomed to the heaviness of this Earth human vehicle and still dealing with the emotional releases that come up due to the continual onslaught of powerful Cosmic energies.  The emotions being released are not mine, but of Tazjma… my sister’s, so it can be difficult at times as well as rather confusing.

For those new to this blog, I am what is called a “walk-in”, that is I did not incarnate into this body the “normal” way, through the birth process.  I walked in as my elder sister, Tazjma, vacated the body upon her ascension into 7D.  There is only about 10% of my soul essence present within this vehicle and it does take a great deal of adjustment for this sensitive Pleiadian to adapt to the heavy energies of this planet and its collective humanity.  I “feel” and sense too much sometimes and so require perhaps more rest and solitude than other people.  This is not a complaint…I have to laugh as I have asked to “go Home” numerous times, but a commitment is a commitment.  I will be “here” for at least 20 years of your time (for time and space do exist despite teachings and misinformation being given out within the New Age movement… which was created by the C.I.A. long ago…).

I did want to notify readers of a few changes on the blog.  One is I will not be posting as much “truther” material as I have in the recent past.  This is at the request by my Father, who does not wish His children to contribute more to the presence of fear on the planet.  So, at the most, I will be posting perhaps only one or two articles of this sort of material on the blog per day.  For those of you eager to learn more about what is really going on, I would direct you to the YouTube channels of Jordan Sather, James Gilliland, David Wilcox, The Goldfish Report, Benjamin Fulford (written reports), Alex Jones, Liz Crokin, Robert David Steele and others.  Even FOX News is presenting a truer face of present developments especially within the United States of America (Los Estados Unitos, as known in Spanish-speaking lands).  Seek and you will find.  The information is “out there” despite the efforts the mainstream media, Twitter, FaceBook, Google, YouTube and other corporate social media outlet efforts to curb its flow.

My sister and I have been advised that much more unpleasant information will be surfacing due to the revelations that are now occurring regarding the malevolent nature of those who most of humanity has regarded as being “leaders”.  Only now are some of the population waking up to the realization that trust in these “leaders” was not deserved nor was the intent of these individuals in alignment with Universal Law.  It is a bitter and painful red pill to swallow, but a necessary one, to learn that the natural spiritual evolution (for all evolution is ultimately of a spiritual nature) has been deflected, manipulated and suppressed on purpose by an alien race for their own selfish purposes.  It is even more horrifying to the tender sensibilities to realize the ghastly truth about those who regard humanity as farm animals, to be enslaved, maimed, abused, tortured and killed, whether in pointless wars or as part of Satanic rituals.  What is even more confusing to the 3D human mind, is the fact that these “leaders”, whether they be political, financial, religious, medical, teachers, military, scientists… that they regard themselves as superior beings and have been engaging in outright criminal activities worldwide by infiltrating every level of every “system” from local to international levels.  And to top off the ugly revelations, one must finally face the fact that everything you have ever been taught during this incarnation and probably many others is, in fact, a pure unadulterated LIE.

So…fortunately for the true evolutions of Earth there is hope.  In response to the plea of Mother Gaia Herself, the great Soul that embodies the planet, many millions of galactic volunteers have incarnated or walk-into incarnation upon the planet, especially within the last six decades.  Since there has been a violation of Universal Law, namely that more advanced star civilizations will not interfere with one of lesser evolutionary development, it has been decided to support Earth and her human population through a period of transition, which will allow some of the evolutions to go forward and ascend back to the fifth dimension.

Keep in mind that most civilizations that are capable of traveling the stars are already based on fifth-dimensional frequency (and many are higher).  This includes negatively polarized races, especially those who have been involved in the invasion of your solar system (up to high 5D).  These races are collectively known as the Belials and are presently based in the lower half of Orion Constellation.  Their “capital” is on the Star Rigel.  The frequency band upon which these races resonate is well known to those members of the Galactic Federation of Light, who fought the Belials during the great Star Wars long, long ago.  It was then the Belials desired to overcome and conquer both the Sirian and Pleiadian star systems.  They were ultimately defeated but at great cost.  Some of those who were “cast-out” of the higher dimensions found their way to your Solar System and set up colonies on Marduk (now the asteroid belt between Mars and Jupiter) and Mars.  David Wilcox’s book, The Ascension Mysteries, explains some of this history in greater detail than we can share here.  Also, remember that events occur in more than one dimension.  What happens on Earth has reverberations throughout the Universe and especially this quadrant of Creation.

The reason that Earth is being assisted by so many positive star races is that the entire Universe is undergoing an ascension process.  The ascension of Earth is the so-called “lynch-pin” of this process and has been long-awaited by many.  Since the natural evolutionary process of the Earth had been interrupted by outsiders, it was deemed advisable to do what could be done and still keep within the boundaries of what is allowed by Universal Law.

It was recognized early on by the great Councils that one way to accelerate the waking up of the population… most of who not even aware of the aggressive seizure of their world…was to send energies to the planet.  Many starseeds… individuals who come from other star systems, dimensions, and even Universes… agreed to either incarnate directly or to walk-into incarnation, depending on their missions.  Some of the elder starseeds, ones who have been with the Earth evolutions for thousands of years, are even now in the process of wrapping up their final incarnation upon the planet.  They will be returning Home upon the passing of their Earth vessels.  These individuals have been known as wayshowers, ascension teachers, gatekeepers and other labels, but they are not of the evolutions of Earth and will not remain once their present incarnation is completed.

The newer starseeds are coming in with entirely different missions, primarily to continue to raise the frequency levels of the planet and to introduce new concepts of sustainable living.  Some of these star volunteers will be very active in waking up the people around them, by sharing “truther” information and revealing the extent of the negative take-down of Earth… and what to do about creating a new world for all life on the planet.  Problems there are aplenty and none can be resolved by using old, outdated methods, especially those created by the controllers.  Yet, as the population of Earth wakes up to the realization that change is inevitable due to the severity of the issues of interference with the natural functions of life here, assistance will be given through the advancement of new ideas, free energy, and new technology.

What the negatively polarized races who have briefly enslaved humanity forgot is that technology that is not aligned with an equally strong spiritual base will not, in the end, prevail against the leading power in the Universe, i.e., Love.  For the people who make up the Galactic Federation are here out of Love and it is in alignment with Love that they endeavor to assist the people of Earth.

Understand also that not all of those who currently are embodied upon Earth will continue with the planet as She continues upon her ascension path.  At least 1/3 of those presently incarnated will be removed to other systems and planets in alignment with their particular soul evolution, i.e., to other third-dimensional planets that are suitable for further soul growth and completion of soul lessons.

Of those who remain, many will go out of the body and reincarnate in new upgraded physical vessels as their present vehicles are too damaged to continue for long at the higher frequencies.  Between lifetimes, these same inherently innocent souls will undergo healing in the Arcturian star system, whose people are well-known for their great compassion and healing skills.

Other beings whose soul essence has never descended to the third dimension will also incarnate upon the planet as She enters fully into the fifth dimension so they might add their light, knowledge, and wisdom towards the creation of a new planetary civilization that is aligned to the celebration of unity in diversity.  For Earth is to become a living Library for the Universe, a place where beings of many great star lineages can live and learn about each other in a place filled with peace, beauty, wonder, and abundance for all.

For those of you who are impatient for the arrests to begin already know that they have begun.  The one, who is known as Donald J. Trump, is a Pleiadian starseed.  He is not fully aware of his star lineage but will be in time.  He is aware that he is being assisted by many unseen and benevolent Presences.

I, myself, never thought that I would be supporting a conservative President, but it is becoming very apparent that Trump, imperfect as his human personality may be, is the right choice for bringing freedom back to the people of his birth nation.  The white hats of the military have longed for a strong person to lead America back to being the republic that it was meant to be… and never really succeeded in becoming.  So, be patient as the revelations about crimes against the people of the United States and humanity (the citizens of every race and nation that has been involved in a war with America) come forth as this collective karma needs to be purged from the consciousness of all the people of Earth.  It is only when this infection is laid bare before the Light that people will begin to heal from the trauma that most souls have undergone for lifetimes under the negatively polarized regime of the dark ones.  The innocent who have suffered will be healed of their wounds and placed upon the path of true soul evolution once more by their own individual and collective spiritual mentors.

Whoever we are, we must exercise patience, as well as gratitude towards those unseen but felt powers that are assisting us to be free of physical and psychological slavery.  The wounds are deep, but they will be healed.  Of that, you can be sure…and comforted knowing that the Light is now in the ascendency.

As you hear of great light shows filling the skies and loud booms echoing from beneath the ground, know that the forces of the Galactic Federation have been released to pursue the remaining negative aliens who have strived to dominate your planet for so long.  Those human puppets and minions are also now being unveiled by the white hats and positive military elements of your own governments.  As one country is freed another will follow in this domino effect of releasing your world from that which is not supposed to be here.  For the dark team has consistently broken their promises to withdraw.  In their arrogance, and frankly, their ignorance, they have overstepped the bounds allowed by Source and have opened themselves up to swift karmic retribution… the destruction of their empire built out of corruption, manipulation, blackmail, and death.  Our technology can easily defeat anything that the black projects have put together through the past seven or so decades.  We will shoot their ships out of the skies and destroy their elaborate underground bases where they hoped to live after making the surface of the planet unable to sustain life post-WWIII.  All of you were going to become collateral damage.  Take that into your 3D mind for a moment and recognize just how close your entire civilization has come to the edge of destruction…once again, for this is not the last time these beings have caused disruption in the Milky Way.  I, too, was in the Star Wars, as were many of my kin.  We are here, now, to help free Earth of this pestilence, once and for all time.

One day, perhaps, I will walk upon this Earth in my own tall Pleiadian body, but now a part of my consciousness is here within an Earth human vehicle.  I do not look different, but I AM not human.  I need to remind myself of this even as my highly sensitive nature feels the collective go through the Dark Night of the Soul.  I can tell you that you will emerge stronger, more resilient and experienced than ever before.  We see you… at least those who have awakened… as shining lights upon the surface of this planet.  We feel you, we hear your thoughts and words, we observe your actions and write up reports… but now, the time has come for action.

While you might think that this process is extremely lengthy, I am here to remind you that it is not.  Ascension for an individual takes lifetimes of preparation even for one who comes here as an avatar.  For an entire planet to ascend is unprecedented.  And when it does reach a certain level, then once again, physical spiritual mentors will reappear, the great cities of light will descend and Earth will re-embark upon Her Divine Blueprint and soul evolution as a great Living Library and place of exquisite beauty and diversity.

So…now I will leave you with much to think about.  Change is coming fast.  Learn to be a willow and adapt to change.  Resist and you will break.  The ancient martial arts can teach one much on how to live, and utilize the energies to your own advantage while you keep in alignment with the Will and Grace of Source Energy.

Many blessings,

I AM Cmdr. Sundeelia VaCoupe

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Eliza: Admonishment

Blue Dragon Journal

Eliza: Admonishment

Recently, I was admonished by one of my readers in the following manner. (Note, the text has been slightly edited; the intent of the content is intact.)

“Sounds like you’re way ahead of me too, so be patient. As you know, everyone awakens at a different time and rate. Please take that into account.

If you are going to post your channeled messages you must assume a varied reaction. I’ve been dealing with peoples’ reactions to non-orthodox truths for over thirty years. Most people range from indifference to opposition. Only a few really “get it,” i.e., those who are awakening. The surge in energy from the universe and the galactic centre is changing that at an exponential rate, but it is still at the low end of the curve. I am trying to take that into account in order to be patient with a population influenced by empirical…

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The Council of Nine – Hope


Blue Dragon Journal

Ash Tree Pioneer Park

The Council of Nine: Hope

Through the darkness of the world, the chaos and confusion, there comes LIGHT. For those who can see, feel or hear its presence, the Light brings hope.

We greet each and every one of you who reads these words as brother and sister. It matters not to us that you do not understand them, as the words present energy and are imprinted within your energy body as you read them. Understanding often comes later, when the intellect gives way to the intuitive understanding which requires no words or explanation to make plain the meaning.

You have a saying that “a picture is worth a thousand words.”

Why would this be? It is because the picture is like a symbol and communicates to the right hemisphere of your brain, the creative side used by artists and poets, where symbols are a language unto themselves.

A whole …

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Council of Nine: Love


Blue Dragon Journal

Fading Rose Fading Rose

The Council of Nine: Love

Love is the foundation of the Universe yet much of humanity assigns to love the mere status of an emotion.

Love has the power to break down barriers, melt hearts and transform anger into acceptance, and yet humans have mistaken love as being a physical or emotional experience.

Lust or physical attraction has been called love, yet it is not. Love is not dependent on how beautiful or sexy a person may be. It simply is.

Most love that has been experienced by humans appears to be conditional in nature, dependent on how someone responds to their lover or not. It is believed that love can be withheld. It cannot, as love is… everywhere. It permeates the very fabric of Creation.

As a common human expression, it is said that hearts can be broken. They can, figuratively, but not by true love.


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Le Marquis de Lafayette: Lettre Ouverte aux Citoyens de France


Blue Dragon Journal


Le Marquis de Lafayette: Lettre Ouverte aux Citoyens de France

Channeler: Eliza Ayres

Note au lecteur:

Je me suis réveillée ce matin et ai senti qu’un message prenait forme dans ma conscience; un “sentiment“ familier lorsqu’un message canalisé se présente.

Curieusement, la source provient de l’une de mes vies parallèles, alors que j’étais un génie militaire et ardent partisan d’une République Française avant que ce pays ne sombre dans la triste et sanglante période de la Terreur. Dans cette vie-ci, je n’ai pas eu l’occasion d’apprendre le français et n’ai jamais mis les pieds sur le territoire sacré de cette ancienne nation. Un jour, peut-être, aurais-je l’occasion de visiter ce pays mais, malheureusement, au vu de la situation actuelle, j’ai décidé de reporter mon voyage.

Néanmoins, grâce au pouvoir de l’internet, j’espère que ces quelques humbles mots issus du cœur de ce leader quelque peu oublié pourront être lus…

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Eliza: “On Illumination”

Although written two years ago, this article is even more relevant today as more people are waking up and asking, “Why am I here?” This year, I’m living in sunny (sometimes) Florida but still endeavoring to clear what comes up, viewing the world with curiosity and now asking, “How can I be of Service?”

Blue Dragon Journal

DSCN0249Note to Reader:  I don’t often have any idea what is going to emerge when I sit down to write.  It is rather like inspirational or meditational writing as described by Wes Annac.  It just…comes… arriving in a rather large bundle, without much struggle or forethought.  As with channeled messages, take what you need and leave the rest. 

I’ve noticed through the years that I tend to gather “information” from many sources, dissect it, leave it in a pile and then braid it altogether in a more or less original fashion.  My language and style of writing is fairly plain and simple English.  I don’t go in for some of the more technical terminology thrown around by some New Age writers and educators.  I simply write what I experience and what I am pondering.  My insights will continue to change as I continue to undergo my journey, so don’t be…

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Eliza: Challenges


This year, I spent T’giving with my sister and her friend. It was a big change from last year. And I now know why I’m in Florida. Much love to all the lonely and not so lonely people out there.

Blue Dragon Journal


Eliza: Challenges

Holidays… it’s considered “normal” to get excited about the holidays and everything that comes with them… that is if you have an unusual family that actually gets along well with each other.  For nearly two decades holidays have been for me something to dread, other than getting to spend some time away from work.  There wasn’t any Thanksgiving feast and no gathering of friends or family.  Most of the day, I was alone and this year I felt very cut off and detached from the rest of humanity.  For some moments at least I wondered what I was still doing “here” and if there was anything still on the agenda as it were.  A whole lot of angst felt by an isolated person, who has recently questioned just why I ended up where I did.  The answer is still pending… although there are glimmers of understanding and comprehension…

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Eliza: Beliefs


Published 11.24.2017 – Beliefs
Every belief has its opposite. Best thing is let go of the “beliefs” or rather the need to cling to one over another as that is a perpetuation of duality (good/evil). All life is about experiences and how you react to them, reject them or accept them. If you can keep an open mind, open your heart and realize that not everyone is even meant to be like you, believe like you or live like you, then you can approach the understanding that we are meant to celebrate the diversity of life… unity in diversity. A rich culture is one that allows diversity, with tolerance, acceptance, and understanding. Tolerance does not mean you accept violence and hate directed towards any other person or group or at yourself. It is about allowing others to live their life without undue interruption or unfair laws.
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Ascension Symptoms ∞ Archangel Michael

Rainbow Wave of Light


“Welcome. We are here to serve and assist you.

In the opening of your energy fields to that higher frequency energy that is present on your world, you are not only letting in more of that which you desire, but you are also releasing. And in your releasing, you may experience certain symptoms. You may have heard of ascension symptoms. These are symptoms that appear to be physical in nature and also in origin.

But these symptoms are energetic, even though they may have a physical component. So what do you do when you are faced with these types of symptoms? The appropriate response is not different from what would benefit you if they were in fact physical in origin. Rest. Drink lots of water. Give yourselves what you need, and make yourselves as comfortable as you can be. Put high frequency foods in your bodies, breathe, meditate, and repeat…

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