A Part Of Me

SoulFullHeart Way Of Life

232Painting by Cianelli Studios

By Raphael Awen

Are you about ready for a serious leap in your emotional and spiritual maturity?…

…Begin to see yourself as a makeup of more than one persona, and then seek to find ways to show up to get to know and feel these aspects of what you call yourself.

This is my truth about the makeup of our being, but I don’t want to pound the pulpit claiming and arguing, but rather invite you to feel into if this feels true for you. If it does, then you’ve just given me the pleasure of being the tour guide showing you your truth, which also happens to be mine!

I don’t know of any other growth or discovery piece that comes close to this huge contextual piece of what we call Partswork. Not only that, but without this piece of CONTEXT, the CONTENT of how…

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