The Ways We Relate To Our Pain

SoulFullHeart Way Of Life

by Kalayna Colibri


Sometimes, when it comes to pain… there are those who soak it in vanity, in glory, seeking pay off, drawing audiences…

There are those who feel, want to heal it, want to move it into a place where there is only now more love, letting in the humility of deeply feeling and healing along the way – often without much of an audience, for there is no glamour really, to be had here…

There are those who want to avoid pain altogether, constantly rise above it, though the swamp below them deepens and reaches up to grab on, often eventually finding its way into the person’s body and life, though the heart of this person is not yet ready to fully feel it all.

And, there are those who feel pain on the surface only, blame all else for it, choose not to go inward, and…

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