FRED GREAVES @ In5D – All You Need To Ascend, Part II – From a 5D Perspective – 10-12-17

Higher Density Blog


by Fred Greaves,   Guest writer,

Like I mentioned in my last article, all you need to ascend, there are but a few steps to lead us out of the lower dimensions, unfortunately we have been led to think there are many, and I believe/know this is what holds a lot of us back.

I also explained in an article a few weeks back titled, “The Time Has Arrived! Finally, Our Realities Are Splitting“, that indeed they are splitting, and we need to prepare. Many have experienced timeline shifts, and also being in two worlds at one time. Look at what Gregg Prescott from posted recently about him seeing his hand moving before it actually happened.

While I was going to continue this series of breaking down my checklist with this writing, I feel as if so much is going on…

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