As Real As Royals

SoulFullHeart Way Of Life

186By Raphael Awen

You didn’t just come here to sail on placid waters, you came here to learn how to propel your growth and learning even through times of deep chaos and change.

All of 3D earth life is a very real feeling make believe reality that we made up that is as real as real can be. Real however is not as real as we’ve previously felt it to be.

3D life is like a very real feeling board game that we created inside of a larger reality. The stakes in the game and the rules needed to be sufficiently different to learn what we couldn’t learn while remaining insulated in our so called higher dimensional reality. It’s sort of like how Base Camp One is very different reality than Base Camp Four on a Mt Everest attempt, except in reverse direction.

Here in 3D, we experience a ton…

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