A Rose Knows Its Rosiness for All Eternity | Heavenletters

Rainbow Wave of Light


God said:

There is never a said and done. In the world at large, all is set to change on the surface, that is.

Inevitably, regardless of anything else, you are Being. Being is GREAT. You and I are One. We are One Being. We are One Beingness. There is no end to it, Beloveds.

You know everything as surprised as you are or even astonished. You set the menu. This often seems ridiculous because you would recluse yourself, so you think, from all that which comes your way that you may not like one bit, yet you are the one who left the breadcrumbs for Life to follow.

You may be Landed Gentry one moment. The next you are a beggar, or the reverse, or you are so upsy-daisy you seem to live the Life you present to the world, yet, by a long shot, you are far more…

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