The Gray Jedi & The Unity Process

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Light, Dark, Gray, & Hermetic Magic

From: The Unity Process | by Nathan & Aline

gray-jediStar Wars has been a clear metaphor for the tension and battle between the forces of light and those of darkness, where they are the modern fictional versions of the light magicians and the dark sorcerers who both yield the creative forces of nature.

Hidden in the battle between the light and dark sides of this perpetual struggle, has been a small but powerful group of gray/neutral magicians who consciously hold both the light and darkness within them, and yield the creative forces of nature through this balance.

The Star Wars universe has also discovered this third path and way of magic, with their “Gray Jedi”, but their stated balance is found through describing both good and evil as a necessary balancing act, as seen in the Gray Jedi Code:

There is no Dark Side, nor a light side, there…

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