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The dizzying effects of world events that are upon us now are truly staggering.

Something so elemental as fire burning through entire neighbourhoods and lives in Santa Rosa, California; Nextdoor in Nevada, staged mass murder; Over in Hollywood, a Harvey-what’s-his-Stien movie mogul being taken down as a tip of the iceberg sacrificial offering of the paedophilia saturated power structure of the deep state; the US President referring cryptically to the calm before the storm; while the stock market mysteriously surges on it’s own happy way.

For some, there’s no shortage of stuff to upset and overturn the business as usual mindset we’ve been beholden to. For others, there’s the opposite; no shortage of stuff to continue the denial that anything out of the ordinary is going on.

When it shifts from denial to the shock of no longer being able to ignore the events and revelations, what biological life does…

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