Becoming A Legend In Your Own Mind

SoulFullHeart Way Of Life

By Raphael Awen


While the 3D self could get really pumped at having, let’s say, the psychic abilities to be able to predict the future, your higher self would often seek an awareness point awakening for you that was much more mundane.

Jim Carey once said ‘I wish everyone could be rich and famous so they could feel how being rich and famous isn’t the answer’.

Similar to that, could you imagine how if you successfully predicted, a few natural disasters before they happened, how you would go on to some kind of star status quite fast, and how a part of you needing love could try and milk the attention for the form of ‘love’ that’s found in star status group recognition. It would mean something for a while, but it could become quite torturous quite fast adjusting to the swarms of believers and unbelievers in your newly forming…

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