Journal Entry 10.8.2016 – Aftermath

A year ago — the aftermath of Hurricane Matthew — just as Hurricane Nat has made landfall early this morning in Mississippi, with damaging Category 1 winds, flooding and storm surge. Blessings and prayers to all who are in this latest storm’s path.

Blue Dragon Journal


Journal Entry 10.8.2016 – Aftermath

We lost power at about 09:30 EDT on Friday and didn’t get it back until 05:30 EDT Saturday.  While the storm howled around our heads, I listened to FM radio, with special weather updates and call-ins from listeners updating all of us shut-ins on the situation.

Matthew was officially a Category 3 hurricane as it passed by Flagler County, but the eye was offshore some 30 to 40 miles.  As it was, damage was sustained along the coastal highway and beaches due to high surf.  Flooding from storm surge is expected to continue well after the hurricane has moved off to the north where it is now crashing against the coastal islands of South and North Carolina.  Rain and wind bands are extending far inland away from what remains of the eye.  The hurricane is forecast to move off to the northeast, but flooding and…

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