SANDRA WALTER – Becoming the Presence – Building New Landscapes – 10-6-17

Higher Density Blog

Sandra Walter

Blessings Beloved Light Tribe ~

As we create and build the internal landscape of the Christed Presence, the New Earth experience, and the transcendent qualities of Ascension, the external landscapes of higher realities are revealed. This resonance with Unity Consciousness, the alignment with the Multidimensional Self, is an exquisite and palpable experience spreading rapidly through the collective.

The direction was clear to Wayshowers: Achieve Embodiment of the Christed /Crystalline/Unity state, and it will trigger massive acceleration for those choosing Ascension. This year is validating those messages, and the experience of bifurcation grows stronger, clearer and wider.

Embodiment of the Christed Self: Becoming the Presence to Shift Realities

Describing and writing about this current phase is challenging. Between the traveling, unpacking, shifts with Mount Shasta and my own consciousness, a few days of rest are in order. Kindwhile, here are a few observations, a new podcast, and a…

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