Journal Entry 10.5.2016 – Preparations


Tomorrow, Friday the 6th will be a year since Matthew cruised up the Florida coast. And now Tropical Storm, Nate, is forming and may hit Louisiana this coming weekend. Hurricane season in the Gulf / Caribbean area.

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Journal Entry 10.5.2016 – Preparations for Hurricane Matthew

Outside the weather is calm, although there are thunderheads forming up in the skies above.  The winds are light, with no indication as yet that a major hurricane, Matthew, is on its way towards Florida.  At this point, the weather people do not know where the hurricane will go… whether or not it will make landfall in Florida or further up the coast.  The storm could also do a recurve, turning northeasterly and head out towards the mid-Atlantic — at this point it is rather unpredictable.  All we can do is make preparations.

At this point, I intend to stay in situ, bunker down at the house with Toby the dog, who I am dog-sitting.  I just finished going to the market for some supplies and found most of the bottle water gone, but managed to get some and filled up empty…

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Magenta Pixie – What happened in Las Vegas? (The Spiritual Perspective)

How do the truthseekers and spiritually aware individuals move on from the recent event that occurred in Las Vegas? Was this a ‘false flag’? Were the Illuminati behind this? How can we find out the truth of what really happened? Are we currently in the middle of a spiritual war? How do we move beyond this incident and recover our faith? In this transmission, the ‘White Winged Collective Consciousness of Nine’ respond to these questions and more. This video is dedicated to all those who lost their lives in the recent incident on October 1st 2017, Las Vegas, Nevada.