Journal Entry 10.04.2016 – Winds of Change

Memories from pre-Matthew, with the effects of the more recent Irma still piled up on the verge of local roadways, branches, palm fronds, etc. I’ve come to know more about hurricanes and tropical storms having lived in Florida now over a year…

Blue Dragon Journal

dscn0592Journal Entry 10.04.2016 – Winds of Change

It is now 05.25 hours EDT as I start to write this missive.  It is still very dark outside, autumn, with shortened days.  Matthew, a Category 4 hurricane will soon be making landfall on an already stunned Haiti and the eastern end of Cuba and then aiming for the Bahamas.  By Friday morning, three days hence, the huge storm will be taking aim at Florida and the East Coast of the U.S.  It is too early to tell whether or not the storm will make actual landfall in North America or just skirt the coastline.  Either way, there will be substantial impact due to the intense rain and wind that is likely to affect most of the Florida Peninsula as well as the Carolinas and Georgia.

As most of my readers are now aware, I am currently living in Central Florida, just miles…

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