Jenny Schiltz – Time of Surrender and Great Growth ~ Oct. 3, 2017


Jenny Schiltz

This blog has been a long time coming because I’ve been searching for the words to help memorialize this time. The only way that I can describe this time accurately is to say that it is one of surrender. We have never experienced this type of energy before and it is literally changing everything. It is simultaneously asking us to let go and receive all that we are, all at the same time. It is asking us to let go of how we think things should be in this process; how they should feel and how they should look (particularly out there).

Reaffirming and creating boundaries.

Since the eclipse in August so much has opened up, there is greater contact and higher frequencies. The changes that these frequencies are making within us and within our Earth are astronomical.

It can feel like you’re being bombarded by 1000 different…

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