In The Aftermath Of Violence: Continuing To Personally Choose Love Over Fear

SoulFullHeart Way Of Life

By Jelelle Awen


More underbelly it seems of 3D human consciousness coming up to seen, felt, experienced…to move from and out of the shadows into the light. During this transitional phase, this death and rebirth…there is loss, there is pain, there is chaos… we have known this for so long and it is stored in our collective consciousness, it has to come up to purge, to move, to be reshaped and reformed with and into love.

This is when and why the choices of love over fear means so much…on a personal level, very personal, and in every moment. To love the fear that comes in response to the violence on the outside (that always stems from the inside). To offer love to the parts of you that have been baked in this violence and are just so USED to it that it has somehow become a form of…

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