Emotionality is not the same as spirituality.

Dr. Bairavee Balasubramaniam PhD


Emotionality is not the same as spirituality.

Because so many have been forced into a state of emotional disconnection, focusing on that journey is a key part of spiritual reconnection.

Contemporary society creates this bizarre hybrid of overdeveloping higher / mental faculties (using that binary as a heuristic device for a moment) and the underdevelopment of the lower / emotional states.

And so there is a mish-mash afoot.

When we seek spirit, we seek an experience that transcends emotions, thought, logic, intuition, higher, lower, darker, lighter – or just about any binary-category you can think of.

To do so in a full way, we need to access the gateways, pathways or channels to that experience more fully.

Hence the focus on the emotional body. And in its reconnection.

Because it is less acknowledged.

It is valuable to remember that this is not the end-state for those seeking to connect with…

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