Healing Love for those Impacted by the Las Vegas Tragedy

The New Divine Humanity

“BY GRACE ~ only I WALK ~ live and breathe through my Heart, Beloved Ones”

Holding all those impacted with GRIEF ~ Shock and Loss, from the horrific mass shooting in Las Vegas, with healing, GRACE and love.

The Angels are with those who have crossed over.

The Angels are with those mourning, IN what feels like the most senseless and horrific act of violence.

Consciousness at that level of FEAR ~ and Violence lives as pure hell.

Stay focused on your HEART with Love.

Let nothing take you from the Heart Centred focus of Unconditional Love….

BY GRACE ~ only I WALK ~ live and breathe through my Heart, Beloved Ones.

I am grieving with THEM.

Held within the Light of Eternity ~ the healing process begins.

In Love,

L’Aura Pleiadian   

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In The Aftermath Of Violence: Continuing To Personally Choose Love Over Fear

SoulFullHeart Way Of Life

By Jelelle Awen


More underbelly it seems of 3D human consciousness coming up to seen, felt, experienced…to move from and out of the shadows into the light. During this transitional phase, this death and rebirth…there is loss, there is pain, there is chaos…..as we have known this for so long and it is stored in our collective consciousness, it has to come up to purge, to move, to be reshaped and reformed with and into love.

This is when and why the choices of love over fear means so much…on a personal level, very personal, and in every moment. To love the fear that comes in response to the violence on the outside (that always stems from the inside). To offer love to the parts of you that have been baked in this violence and are just so USED to it that it has somehow become a form of…

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SEEKING PEACE FROM WITHIN OCTOBER MESSAGE FROM ARCHANGEL MICHAEL * LM-10-2017 TRANSMITTED THROUGH RONNA Beloved masters, it is time to take an inventory of what you are thinking and the emotional energy you are projecting during these days of conflict, turmoil and stress on your planet. Are you diluting or distorting the aura […]


Questions swirl in the Las Vegas mass shooting

Jon Rappoport's Blog

Questions swirl in the Las Vegas mass shooting

By Jon Rappoport

Sunday night Las Vegas shooting at country music concert. Shooter in a high room at the Mandalay Bay Resort Hotel, a long distance away. Deadliest mass shooting in US history. 518 wounded, 58 dead.

With the body count and wounded numbers rising, and the concert shooter, Stephen Paddock, dead, here are a few questions:

What weapon was he using? That is important in deciding whether Paddock could, from a significant distance, inflict the reported destruction of life. Or whether, as earlier reports/rumors suggested, there was more than one shooter.

At least ten weapons were found in the shooter’s hotel room. He had checked into the Mandalay Resort Hotel several days earlier. How did he bring in all the weapons? Disassembled? Did he have prior experience with weapons?

In an interview, Paddock’s brother said he was absolutely shocked, and his…

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Body/Mind/Soul Recalibration: 10 Signs

Excellent article…

Winging with Whitehawk

Woke up to the horrific news of the mass shooting at an outdoor concert in Las Vegas last night. Yesterday, a friend back home awoke to the news that a dead body full of gunshot wounds was found steps away from her front door. Please join me in consciously, intentionally amplifying the Divine frequencies of this realm. Prayers for all whose lives are being impacted by so many challenging events of late.

Meanwhile, I’m guessing that you’re noticing much of what follows in your experience as an ascending human!

Love to you, Whitehawk


10 Signs You Are Experiencing A Recalibration Of Your Mind-Body-Soul System

As we transition from a third dimensional reality to a hyper-dimensional existence we are experiencing a recalibration of our mind-body-soul being.

This activation of cellular restructuring, a quantum make over, has been triggered by cosmic waves of light energy flowing through and around our planet for she, too, is recalibrating, raising her frequencies.

This process has…

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Emotionality is not the same as spirituality.

Dr. Bairavee Balasubramaniam PhD


Emotionality is not the same as spirituality.

Because so many have been forced into a state of emotional disconnection, focusing on that journey is a key part of spiritual reconnection.

Contemporary society creates this bizarre hybrid of overdeveloping higher / mental faculties (using that binary as a heuristic device for a moment) and the underdevelopment of the lower / emotional states.

And so there is a mish-mash afoot.

When we seek spirit, we seek an experience that transcends emotions, thought, logic, intuition, higher, lower, darker, lighter – or just about any binary-category you can think of.

To do so in a full way, we need to access the gateways, pathways or channels to that experience more fully.

Hence the focus on the emotional body. And in its reconnection.

Because it is less acknowledged.

It is valuable to remember that this is not the end-state for those seeking to connect with…

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MORAG @ In5D – Council Of Twelve – Message For Lightworkers – 10-1-17

Higher Density Blog


by Morag,   Guest writer, In5D.com

We are the Council of Twelve. Our message today is for lightworkers working tirelessly to raise the vibration on planet earth. We know your efforts, we appreciate your hard work, we recognise the highs and lows of healing. We envelop you all in love light energy to reenergise and realign you for the coming weeks and months.


The people of earth are awakening at an exponential rate. We are invested in ensuring this transformation from dark to light is as painless as possible. We communicate today to thankyou for your commitment to humanity and Gaia and to gently remind you of the importance of caring for your own sovereignty, health and spiritual evolution. It has been recognised that humanities enslavement has left them ill equipped to deal with exposure, disclosure and truth. A small minority are ready to see beyond the prison…

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The devastating truth behind Obamacare

Reblog from 2013 — this is one of the reasons Obamacare must be taken down. Government fraud and excessive gov’t control over the individual’s ability to choose their own health care.

Jon Rappoport's Blog

The devastating truth behind Obamacare

October 3, 2013

by Jon Rappoport


I want my Obamacare! I want my Obamacare!

It’s vital to look at the real meaning of this sinister plan. It’s all about the toxic effects of mainstream medicine. That’s what the sold-out press is refusing to examine.

A year ago, I discussed the case of a young Michigan boy, whose parents had been taken to court three times to force them to submit their child to intensely toxic chemo treatments—despite these facts:

The boy’s latest scans revealed no sign of cancer; the drugs that would be forced on him can cause cancer; the drugs have not been approved to treat children.

And I warned: this is what waits for you and your children, up the line.

The “share and care” humanitarian mask will be peeled away. The US Dept. of Health and Human Services will create, as…

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