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Rainbow Wave of Light


God said:

Time is an illusion and no matter how much you recognize the fallacy of time, you are nevertheless overburdened with time. There seems to be no stemming the tide of erroneous time. Time holds you in its vise. To your distress, you may well feel yourself rushing to keep up with time, unable to rid yourself of a sense of being late, a sense of being out of time, no time at all, a sense of not ever catching up.

Time is ruthless. Time does not have to be a carriage that stops for you or slows down for you. Relentless time may not stop for anyone. Time has its own Will and its own tempo. Time isn’t thinking about your sense of fulfillment. Time isn’t concerned about your satisfaction.

The same time that goads you to go faster may make you wait for a long-awaited time, and even deny…

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