Full Moon in Aries, October 5th, 2017 ~ INTENSITY

The New Divine Humanity

The Full Moon in Aries on October 5th, 2017 is at 3:40pm ADT. This will be a powerful Full Moon.

The way this plays out for you depends on your own specific chart (Blueprint) and the aspects you have to this Full Moon.

For some this Full Moon will be powerfully Elevating and others not so much, AGAIN ~ also the level of your consciousness. How you are choosing based on the energy impacts of the memories you have playing out. Or are not playing out. Your subconscious is at play here in a huge way.

Especially this Full Moon and all Full Moons. Bringing to Light that which is hidden In a very powerful way.

Some people blame the Full Moon etc. It is the impact of frequency to YOUR specific frequency and How you respond to it.

This Full Moon is still influencing energetically the playing out of the…

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Ancestral Patterns and Love-Key to Understanding Our Divided World-


Courtesy of Selacia

Selacia Article & Invite to 10/21 Meditation, Divine Changemakers


Ancestral Patterns and Love
-Key to Understanding Our Divided World-
by SelaciaRelationships need more tending now as very old ancestral patterns rise to the surface and create separation, distrust, and prejudice. We are in a phase when humanity’s unhealed wounds are getting a big spotlight at every turn. We see this daily somewhere in society, and of course it’s very personal too. No one is exempt. Continue reading to better understand the connection between ancestral patterns and the loving world we seek to inhabit.


The energies of these times are helping to bring ancient wounded conditioning out from the shadows. The thing to remember is that it’s not new. It’s been there all along. Humanity’s early conditioning involves a tribal nature – fear-based and power hungry. Conquest, even for the sake of conquest, is part…

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Energy Update Breathe into Higher Frequencies 


The energies are really whacked out at the moment. The Great Shift we have all just passed through has left everything a little bit topsy turvy. It’s all getting glitchy people, really glitchy. There is a lot of static in the atmosphere, wired up energies causing people to feel like elastic being pulled tighter and tighter. For others this energetic static can cause fuzziness, hazy, cotton wool head where staying on top of daily routines can be challenging. Think mercury retrograde ten fold. Expect delays, obstacles, cancellations, mix ups and general weirdness with appointments, arrangements and plans. Issues with technology can be a problem, stay calm and push through glitches with patience, to fret and feel angry will feed the interference. Stay patient with love shield up.

To expand our consciousness we let go of preconceived or preconditioned ideas of God, mortality, the cosmos and our inner soul being. This…

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For All Who Live with You under the Sun | Heavenletters

Rainbow Wave of Light


God said:

Time is an illusion and no matter how much you recognize the fallacy of time, you are nevertheless overburdened with time. There seems to be no stemming the tide of erroneous time. Time holds you in its vise. To your distress, you may well feel yourself rushing to keep up with time, unable to rid yourself of a sense of being late, a sense of being out of time, no time at all, a sense of not ever catching up.

Time is ruthless. Time does not have to be a carriage that stops for you or slows down for you. Relentless time may not stop for anyone. Time has its own Will and its own tempo. Time isn’t thinking about your sense of fulfillment. Time isn’t concerned about your satisfaction.

The same time that goads you to go faster may make you wait for a long-awaited time, and even deny…

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Your Personalities Are Expanding ∞The 9th Dimensional Arcturian Council

Rainbow Wave of Light


“Greetings. We are the Arcturian Council. We are pleased to connect with all of you.

You will discover new depths to your own personalities as you begin to integrate more of the aspects of who you have been in this lifetime and in other lifetimes. You are multifaceted and multidimensional, and the parts of your personality that have yet to reveal themselves are the parts that you have been denying for one reason or another.

It doesn’t really matter how these parts of your personality have been suppressed. All that matters is that they are reemerging, and you are going to find that you are much more than you ever thought you were previously. If there was a trait that you always admired in others but didn’t feel that you had yourself, you can expect that trait to reveal itself to you in the coming weeks, months, and years.


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World’s Longest Hiking Trail Finally Completed In Canada

Openhearted Rebel

By Amelia Kinney, True Activist

The Canadian achievement is a celebration of environmental preservation and active lifestyles.

trail-on_coastalhikingtrail-768x512 Ontario’s Coastal Hiking Trail. Credit: RODMELL & COMPANY INC.Read More: http://www.trueactivist.com/worlds-longest-hiking-trail-finally-completed-in-canada/

After 25 years in the making, Canada has finally completed world’s longest hiking trail, known as the Great Trail or Trans Canada Trail. The path is 24,000 km (or nearly 15,000 miles) of connected urban, rural and wilderness, greenways, waterways, and roadways.

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Dr. Bairavee Balasubramaniam PhD

Juno Vesta

Juno and Vesta are both Goddess Asteroids. They add powerful layers of depth and meaning to the interpretation and practice of astrology. I´ll start with my take on both Juno and Vesta and then turn to what they teach us at this time.


Juno is the Roman equivalent of Hera, the wife of Zeus/Jupiter. She is understood to be the goddess of marriage and is used to understand the nature of the soul-mate in astrology.

And of course, that is taken to mean the finest qualities of the sign that Juno is in represents the soul-mate that a person seeks to make them feel … whole.

But that´s really not the whole story, not by a long shot.

When we look at the history of Juno and Jupiter as a couple, we see Jupiter´s lack of sexual fidelity giving rise to Juno´s jealousy and wrath. It hardly appears to…

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GOSTICA – 5 Easy Ways To Make A Psychic Connection With Your Spirit Guide – 9-27-17 – Rebecca Campbell @ Heal Your Life

Higher Density Blog

Spirit Guide

You have a team of spirit guides waiting to support you. The only catch is that they cannot fully connect to you and help you, unless you allow it.

Carefully chosen and recruited just for you, spirit guides are beings that are completely devoted to your growth.

Many have had lifetimes here on earth and just like you they have their own eclectic bundle of gifts, wisdom, and experiences.


Perfectly suited to your highest calling, their only job is to support you and guide you as much or as little as you wish.

In my client sessions, I have found that most people have approximately six guides in their inner circle, calling in new ones, as they need them.

Here are 11 simple ways you can develop your relationship with your spirit posse right now:

1. Ask clearly

Our spirit guides can guide us with anything from finding…

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ARCHANGEL MICHAEL – Ailia Mira – Using Imagination to Expand Your Flow – 10-1-17

Higher Density Blog

Archangel Michael 333

Message from Archangel Michael & the Council of Radiant Light

Channeled by Ailia Mira

Hello, Dear Friends,

It’s good to be with you. We are excited and happy to be with you now, and we are looking forward to what you are doing today, what you are feeling today, what you are experiencing today, and to what you will choose to create as your state of being, who you will decide to be.

Today, we’re going to do a little-guided visualization, and we’re going to encourage you to use your will deliberately to entrain yourself into states of being that benefit you and feel good to you.


We always want to encourage you to use your will to lay down new pathways. New pathways and new ways of being, and the creation of those through your focus, is the most fun way for you to be here. You feel…

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