Emotosomatic Healing: The Deep Roots Of Parts Work

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41My recent back and neck pain has found a home in my heart. What I mean by that is that through a deep emotional movement and process with my beloved Kalayna, and energy sessions with Jillian, the intense spasms and stiffness got felt in a deeper emotive root. The part of me that was using the pain as a protection and a way to get my attention was able to surrender into vulnerability and trust in the open hearts of both myself and my mate. It was an experience that demonstrated the power of our emotions and intimacy to transmute and heal.

Though the term “psychosomatic” is more commonly used, we feel that it is the emotional body that is ‘upstream’ of the mental body. Our emotions are energy in motion that translate into thoughts that have their own waveform and power. So, yes, what I was thinking was having…

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6 Radical Shifts in Society Being Normalized by the New World Order

Deus Nexus

Source:Waking Times | by Sigmund Fraud

To some degree, the term New World Order (NWO) seems to be falling out of vogue as the information war presses onward. With so much corruption and perversion being exposed in every sector of society, who has time to consider the over-arching idea that forms the ideological foundation of it all?

The New World Order has evolved into the unspoken of finish line that anyone in power strives for. It is not a particular group any longer, per se, but rather the supreme idea that total centralization of power is the forgone conclusion for the people of the earth.

“I don’t think it’s right to frame the New World Order as necessarily a policy or group. I think it’s more part of an ideology of globalism that has been explicitly articulated in various ways by various people who are linked, but…

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Energies of Now: Ancestral Wisdom and Deep, Deep Roots

Sophia's Children

To hallow is “to make holy or sacred, to sanctify

or consecrate, to venerate”. (Wikipedia)

It’s a fine time for drawing up insight and guidance from the depths, and sustenance from our very roots.

Yesterday, I had the privilege and joy of giving the Sunday lesson for a wonderful group here on this very topic — deep roots, and the power of blessing.

The Energies of Now support us even more than usual in that gathering back and sinking roots.

More on that just below (follow the link).

But first … if ‘to hallow’ is ‘to make holy or sacred, to sanctify or consecrate, to venerate,’ …

What might we want to ‘make holy’, sanctify, consecrate, bless, or venerate?

What might we be, by default, venerating or worshipping that might not be worthy of that devotion … or might even be unhealthy and toxic?


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A Part Of Me

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232Painting by Cianelli Studios

By Raphael Awen

Are you about ready for a serious leap in your emotional and spiritual maturity?…

…Begin to see yourself as a makeup of more than one persona, and then seek to find ways to show up to get to know and feel these aspects of what you call yourself.

This is my truth about the makeup of our being, but I don’t want to pound the pulpit claiming and arguing, but rather invite you to feel into if this feels true for you. If it does, then you’ve just given me the pleasure of being the tour guide showing you your truth, which also happens to be mine!

I don’t know of any other growth or discovery piece that comes close to this huge contextual piece of what we call Partswork. Not only that, but without this piece of CONTEXT, the CONTENT of how…

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Responding With Love, Not Fear, To Your Shadow And Spirits

SoulFullHeart Way Of Life

By Jelelle Awen


“It is precisely because we resist the darkness in ourselves that we miss the depths of the loveliness, beauty, brilliance, creativity, and joy that lie at our core.” ~ Thomas Moore

Resisting anything in ourselves just leads to more pain, more resistance, more pushing out of life and not letting it in. Resisting the darkness is understandable when we have been taught in 3D culture to fear that which we don’t understand, that which isn’t socially acceptable, that which may hurt or harm others or ourselves. We have been taught to fear our fear and the fear of others as well. This fearing of fear JUST leads to more fear being generated. This creates a fear fueled energy cloud that rumbles inside of us and through all the strands of the collective emotional body web for fear-based BEings to get more energy from.

On this ‘day’ of…

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Keeping Up with the Momentum ∞The 9th Dimensional Arcturian Council

Rainbow Wave of Light


“Greetings. We are the Arcturian Council. We are pleased to connect with all of you.

We have begun to bring a higher frequency through during these transmissions because we have felt the readiness of those of you who are tuning in, and we are happy to report that the number of individuals who are ready for higher frequencies is increasing every day. You are not here to begin at the beginning. You are here to experience the result of what has been set into motion by all that humanity has ever lived and experienced throughout your rich history.

Therefore, you are benefitting from momentum that has been created by you in previous lifetimes, and most individuals who were born into this particular time on planet Earth have had a challenging time keeping up with the momentum that has been created in all of those previous lifetimes that you’ve lived. However…

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The Host and The Liberation of The Soul Humanity | Ascension Energies


Courtesy of Ascension Energies

The Host and The Liberation of The Soul Humanity

Ascension Energies

Romeo Baron – At the moment what we call humans here on earth, a lot of them have no angelic soul, but a fallen soul, incarnated for spiritual healing in order to integrate their soul matrix, and it has created a lot of problems. Read more

Source: The Host and The Liberation of The Soul Humanity | Ascension Energies

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5 Steps to Stay in Your Light When Things Appear Dark

Violet Rays Jane

Fear is the main culprit that inhibits us from making decisions, moving forward, and believing that things will get better. As a woman with high intuition and sensitivity to the external world, I feel that my fears can be amplified if I let the culmination of internal worries mixed with these environmental factors overtake my ability to stay in my light.
Recently, having experienced a spiritual growth spurt where I let go of the career I thought was my true calling and other identities of who I thought I was, I began the tough process of uncovering layers of myself that exposed more of my truth – yet also more of my fears. I’ve battled with chronic and unexplained health issues with little sight of resolution for quite some time – I finally accepted responsibility for my own sickness as well as my own healing; I realized my participation in a prolonged toxic romantic…

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Nature Walks – Wakodahatchee Wetlands, 27 October 17



Nature Walks – Wakodahatchee Wetlands, 27 October 17

Yesterday, I also visited Wakodahatchee on my way back home up Jog Road.  I thought I would post these photos separately.  I actually took about 110 photos yesterday, most at the Japanese Gardens.  The place is extremely photogenic by design.

Walking through the wetlands that I visit weekly wasn’t a let-down, but it is very different.  There I was looking for creatures, feathered, armored and furry.  I was rewarded with a glimpse of some turtles, an alligator sunning on the lawn and several birds.  Apparently, another pair of Ospreys has taken up residence as they were announcing their presence and flying high above the marsh.  I noticed many of the other birds were sheltering under or near bushes and trees to avoid being lunch.


There were some iguanas enjoying the warm autumn sunshine on the grass.  Mated pairs of herons were busily constructing twig nests in pond apple trees.  It was interesting to see the male fetching the twigs and giving them to the female to place into the nest structure.  Other birds, like Tri-colored Herons and Egrets, were wading in the dark waters looking for lunch, mainly the ever-present minnows.  Anhingas were hanging about drying out or acting like submarines, with their long pliable necks sticking out of the water before diving after prey.  Tiny songbirds were flitting around the branches in the hammocks but moving too swiftly for me to capture any photos of them.  I did see some noisy grackles and mockingbirds.  There were a few colorful gallinules wading in the muddy waters beneath the pond apple trees, as well.


What have I gained by going to these wetlands?  Well, appreciation for the variety of wildlife that does still exist in South Florida, despite the destruction of habitat.  I was told that the wetlands were constructed and the birds and animals came to claim it as their own.  I’m not sure about the alligators.  They were probably introduced specifically into each wetland, although the beasts can easily climb chain-link fences.  The fish were also introduced, but are native species.  Mosquito fish keep down the mosquito larvae so it isn’t necessary to put on any insect repellent while visiting these “tame” wetlands.


The wetlands also provide tiny sanctuaries where you can walk without the presence of vehicles, although street noise filters through the tree line screening the perimeters of the preserve.  I find that my level of relaxation and sense of well-being increases by just walking through on the boardwalk and it gives me something to do while I am living in this area.



And in closing, here are a few more photos from the Japanese Gardens to enjoy.  The Japanese learned how to live within and practiced each task with intent and focus.  We could learn from them, as well as the beauty and diversity of Nature, with its flow of seasons and natural cycles of birth, death, and renewal.




Enjoy your weekend!


Eliza Ayres


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Photo Credits:  Eliza Ayres