Should I Stay or Should I Go?

Great story of the indecision and unexpected humanity discovered in the midst of a hurricane. I was one of the lucky ones whose power stayed on during the entire storm, but for a while we were an island in the midst of darkness. Major intersections had no lights, people were without (and are still) power at home meaning no air-conditioning, hot showers or way to cook normally. Life is an adventure. I’ll write my own report after I go out today. I haven’t ventured out on roads that are still being cleared of debris and power lines. Be safe, everyone, and my prayers go out to those suffering in the islands, Florida and Texas.

Conquer With Hope

Hurricane Irma

So as we prepared for a hurricane that may or may not come our direction; it was amazing the variety of responses that we get when we talked about what was going on. Many people were staying in their homes, they were boarding up, they were gathering water, and gathering supplies for not just during the hurricane but of course afterwards. Most of us realized that the damage and destruction from any strong storm coming through gave us quite a possibility that we may not have any electricity and things may be limited for a little bit. It’s funny that when we talked to somebody from out of state they were like you need to leave! Seriously, you need to pack up and you need to go right now! I laugh thinking to myself ‘ I talked to a lady at a checkout and it took her 12 hours to…

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