An Alien Message To Mankind: “Do You Wish That We Show Up?” ~ Sept.12, 2017

Food for thought here…


This is a post from the blog Collective Evolution which submits a question we should all be conscious of…how do each of us really feel about “off-worlders” showing up in our lives? Please read this longish article, condenser how you really feel about this question, and…


We’re about to dive into a ‘transmission’ or ‘channeled’ message that allegedly came into a man by the name of Jean Ederman aka Eric Julien. Jean had been practicing projecting his mind when he came in contact with what he called benevolent ET beings, this is when he received the message. Note: we will refer to him as Eric from here on out.

Before we get into the message, it’s important to dive into a background about Eric, attempt to determine who he really is and whether or not his background can be considered credible. Either way even as we move through this…

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