Energy Update (12th September 2017)

Dr. Bairavee Balasubramaniam PhD


The skies are more or less saturated with the same energy we´ve been seeing since the August Eclipses and the Pisces Full Moon. It´s a wild mix of things and many of us are feeling a little lost through it all. That´s perfectly natural as there is so much going on.

Over the next two days, we´re going to be seeing two important aspects made to Saturn (21 Sagittarius). Tomorrow, it will trine Venus in Leo, and the day after it will square the Sun in Virgo.

Keep the larger picture in mind as best you can. For those of you letting go ot paths, teachers and philosophies of life that no longer resonate – you may want to let a new ´larger picture´ emerge from the debris of things. It´s hard to see where you´re supposed to be headed when you´re surrounded by water – literally or figuratively.


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