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Cosmic Factors Affecting our Ascension: The List

Blessings Beloved Light Tribe ~ This lengthy update contains the key factors affecting our Ascension process at the moment. It is intended to provide some clarity on the cosmic events, effects of the last Gateway, and why Solar activity is so intense.

Apply hyperdimensional logic to all of this; the cosmic perspective soothes the Ascending Soul.

Events & Effects of the August-September Unfoldments

Convergence of the Trinity Stargates

The Trinity Stargates opened the flows of direct Solar Cosmic Christ frequencies from Source. This is an ongoing Solar rewrite on a stellar, planetary and incarnate level. As the gates converged on Solaris (the SUN) during the eclipse, it altered its prismatic effect, which in turn will change the way form is projected on Gaia.

We use the SUN to project our consciousness into these denser realities. When the…

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The GoldFish Report No. 128 Guest James Gilliland of ECETI w/ Co-host Winston Shrout

The GoldFish Report Blog

Published on Sep 12, 2017

On The GoldFish Report No. 128 – Winston Shrout joins Louisa to welcome James Gilliland from ECETI Ranch to the GoldFish Report for an up close and personal look at James, and his remarkable spiritual and physical journey that has led him to creating ECETI. Visitor images of UFO craft in the night sky are featured as James shares his personal experiences with these craft and beings from other worlds who have messages and wisdom for humanity at this critical time in Earth’s Ascension. Winston also shares his experiences of being at the ECETI ranch and encourages people to call ahead of time if you plan to visit. James describes the scheduled events that are planned so call or go online to book your reservation if you would like to attend. ECETI News is the source for Galactic Intel information. For more…

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Sarah Biermann: The Hot Season of Change: Part 2 – Are Your Fears Being Triggered?

Forever Unlimited

The Hot Season of Change:
Part 2 – Are Your Fears Being Triggered?

This “Hot Season of Change” is lighting a fire under two things: your deepest fear and your greatest desire. If your fears are being triggered, this is why.

While the two things are opposite each other, they are very connected because you can’t manifest and live your dream unless you become aware of and face the fear, even embrace the fear, and ultimately release it.

A hint: the thing you most fear isn’t an injury or damage to your body or to a loved one, it is the “horrible thing” that proves that you are a pitiful looser and that all your (failed) dreams are “illusions”. The fear is that there will be proof of what a deluded, foolish and stupid idiot you are…

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Spirituality And The 3D Self

SoulFullHeart Way Of Life

by Kalayna Colibri


The 3D self says,

“I don’t always believe in ‘god’… unless of course, it’s a literal god, one who has very black and white ways of punishing or rewarding us as humans and has given us very clear rules through people we don’t question. Sometimes I feel punished or rewarded for goodness or badness. Sometimes I don’t feel much of anything and just want to be left alone… because ultimately, I do feel alone. I don’t get a visceral sense of ‘god’ or ‘god-ness’ and I usually feel drawn to compartmentalizing god too… leaving ‘him’ to when I attend church on Sundays or at Christmas, for example. Sometimes I like retreats because they don’t challenge me to live with the spirituality every day and the 4D self can at least be sort of satiated for a while by them, or at least it can seem so. Letting in…

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Ailia Mira/AA Michael: Using Imagination to Expand Your Flow

Forever Unlimited


Using Imagination to Expand Your Flow

Message from Archangel Michael & the Council of Radiant Light

Channeled by Ailia Mira

Hello, Dear Friends,

It’s good to be with you. We are excited and happy to be with you now, and we are looking forward to what you are doing today, what you are feeling today, what you are experiencing today, and to what you will choose to create as your state of being, who you will decide to be.

Today, we’re going to do a little-guided visualization, and we’re going to encourage you to use your will deliberately to entrain yourself into states of being that benefit you and feel good to you.

We always want to encourage you to use your will to lay down new pathways. New pathways and new ways of being, and the creation of those through your focus, is the most fun way for you…

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Eliza: What is Real?


Blue Dragon Journal

Eliza:  What is Real?

In a recent Facebook post, I commented:

If you give your power to ANYONE, the elite, the experts, the ascended masters, the angels… etc., you become their slave. YOU ARE GOD! NOW. Not tomorrow… not on September 28th… NOW.

These are strong words and more than one person might become uncomfortable reading them or even become upset to think that I am questioning their allegiance to the teachings of one or another “higher” being or a person who presently appears to exercise great authority and power on the earth plane.

My words are MEANT to stir the energies, to get you to think, but with your HEART, your heart-mind, the blending of your emotional and mental bodies, which naturally occurs as you edge up in frequency and vibration.

Yesterday, I connected… finally… with the realization that one person in my life is currently acting out how I…

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MORAG @ In5D – Cosmic Surfing in a Quantum Universe – 9-12-17

Higher Density Blog

Cosmic Surfing

by Morag,   Guest writer,

On 21st century planet Earth most of us operate in several perceived realities simultaneously. Our physical world, our emotional, inner world, and the cyber world. This trinity of parallel realities, of perceived existences, give us a multi dimensional experience. We combine streetwise savvy with heart led living to navigate safely. In each world we are presented with unwanted drama, stress and manipulation as well as beauty, warmth, wonder and laughter. We engage in the wider society around us, responding to and manifesting our outer environment. We are an integral part of an energetic cycle of vibratory fields. Through our senses we create a visual representation of how and what this world looks, feels, tastes like.

Our emotional world is largely affected by interaction with our external world. Other factors also come into play, ancestral and past life karma, childhood and our present…

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Changing Your World is Easy ∞The 9th Dimensional Arcturian Council

Rainbow Wave of Light


“Greetings. We are the Arcturian Council. We are pleased to connect with all of you.

It is a wonderful time for you to examine the way in which you approach your life. It is a wonderful time to do this because you have never had a greater opportunity than you do right now to easily change the life that you are living. So examining your life means taking a look at how you start your day, how you approach the people in your life, what energy you bring to the work that you do.

We are talking about taking a look at all of the subtle ways in which you are creating your reality when you don’t think you are actually creating your reality. If there is something that you want in your life but that you don’t have, then you will put all of your spiritual knowledge to the…

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Energy Update (12th September 2017)

Dr. Bairavee Balasubramaniam PhD


The skies are more or less saturated with the same energy we´ve been seeing since the August Eclipses and the Pisces Full Moon. It´s a wild mix of things and many of us are feeling a little lost through it all. That´s perfectly natural as there is so much going on.

Over the next two days, we´re going to be seeing two important aspects made to Saturn (21 Sagittarius). Tomorrow, it will trine Venus in Leo, and the day after it will square the Sun in Virgo.

Keep the larger picture in mind as best you can. For those of you letting go ot paths, teachers and philosophies of life that no longer resonate – you may want to let a new ´larger picture´ emerge from the debris of things. It´s hard to see where you´re supposed to be headed when you´re surrounded by water – literally or figuratively.


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