Eliza: What is Real?


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Eliza:  What is Real?

In a recent Facebook post, I commented:

If you give your power to ANYONE, the elite, the experts, the ascended masters, the angels… etc., you become their slave. YOU ARE GOD! NOW. Not tomorrow… not on September 28th… NOW.

These are strong words and more than one person might become uncomfortable reading them or even become upset to think that I am questioning their allegiance to the teachings of one or another “higher” being or a person who presently appears to exercise great authority and power on the earth plane.

My words are MEANT to stir the energies, to get you to think, but with your HEART, your heart-mind, the blending of your emotional and mental bodies, which naturally occurs as you edge up in frequency and vibration.

Yesterday, I connected… finally… with the realization that one person in my life is currently acting out how I…

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