Hurricane Irma “Inspired” (?) MacDill AFB UFOs… 4 Articles by Dr. Michael Salla (or, “How many Exopolitics pieces can you handle??”)

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Well, this “Salad of Salla’s” (could not resist that phrase) is in reference to what one of Dr. Salla’s insiders has been releasing to him (photos, that is) of UFOs seen flying around near MacDill Air Force Base, near Tampa, Florida. It’s pretty likely, it seems, that the insider is being given “permission” to release these as a part of disclosure of the Secret Space Program. And today I was just speaking to a couple of “ex-military” types about MacDill, and they were expressing how they sensed a quite “dark” flavor about that place.

Anyway, enjoy these article highlights!!

Photos of Antigravity UFO Near MacDill AFB support claims of USAF SSP (9-1-17)

“Yesterday, I received a series of six photos of a triangular shaped UFO taken near MacDill Air Force Base, Tampa, Florida. The photos were captured at approximately 8 am on August 31, by JP (pseudonym), someone…

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