What Are Your Responses To ‘Outside’ Weather Events Trying To Show You?

Interesting questions. I’m feeling the generalized anxiety that precedes such an event as a major hurricane, yet know that it isn’t “mine”. We are truly connected and dealing with a mixture of individual and collective karmic return as the Earth cleanses herself of thousands of years of human miscreation. As a walk-in, I’m experiencing the cellular memories of the former occupant of this physical vehicle and am utilizing the Violet Flame to burn away the emotional residue. I do NOT need to examine the memories, feelings or thoughtforms as they are not mine. Be kind to yourself during this time of great change. We are all being used to our limits and some are learning very quickly to move beyond former limitations. Blessings to all my readers…

SoulFullHeart Way Of Life

By Jelelle Awen


9/9…it is such a swirl and twirl ‘out there’ it feels like. Much to get caught up in and triggered by if you allow it OR if you need to be. Heightened anxiety, lack of trust in the ‘bigger picture’ that is holding ALL of this with much love, gets pushed up from these outer storms moving through. 9/9 feels like old giving way for the new…the completion of cycles that no longer serve love to the highest.

It is an opportUNITY to go within, to notice and feel your emotional body reactions to these outer circumstances such as the hurricanes, earthquakes, forest fires, etc. What comes up for you in response to what seems and looks like devastation from ‘outside’ toward yourself or others? How do you react when it feels like something ‘threatening’ is coming ‘at you’ from the outside? What gets pushed up for…

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