Pholus-Quaoar I

jbuss Astrology

Here’s some important Perspective from Daniel Scranton’s Arcturian friends…

“Your identity is shifting, as you become more of who you are, and as you know this to be a truth in your reality there is nothing anyone, including your higher self, can take from you.  And that is important for your ego to understand.  Your ego is not being swept aside in favor of your higher self.  Your ego and your higher self are merging, giving you a whole new identity, a new sense of self.”

And a somewhat Challenging note on our Forbidden Genius from Raphael Awen…

“Part of you may feel insignificant.  Part of you may feel like the opposite of any kind of greatness.  If that’s true, then truly being yourself would require starting there wouldn’t it?  It did for me…  These parts of us, whom I believe we all have, are not the limitation…

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