URGENT ~ Let’s Dissipate Hurricane Irma in Compassionate Unity

The New Earth Blog ~ Living in the New Energy

Let us work DILIGENTLY,


Hurricane Irma

and all terrible storms.

We have the power to bring Victory of the Light.

Friends, it seems to me that we have a little battle of darkness and Light regarding Hurricane Irma. Understand that this hurricane is an artificially enhanced storm, enlarged and controlled by technology of the dark side.  Many demons are reportedly in the FL skies.  Nevertheless, so many people prayed, meditated, and did other Lightwork to move the storm out into the ocean, that I believe we had begun to change its course.
Last I looked last night was a little before 4am and the projected storm path through Florida hadn’t changed much, going pretty straightly up the middle, bottom to top (South to North).  I did finally sleep and awoke to see that the composite of models gave a path from Florida’s tip, up the coast, and out…

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