Time Shift Blog; “Because They Can” by Lisa Renee

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Dear Ascending Family,

Given how tired I feel in this moment, this may be a short update, but it feels worth mentioning because it has a planetary field level resonance and it can hit deep into the emotional chords within us. In the collective consciousness waves, and within the smaller pockets of those awakening and creating new reality bubbles, there are stages of gaining deeper realization that can surprise us when they hit us hard emotionally.

wave heart1

Like oceanic waves rolling in with the tide, there can be a flood of deeply intense emotions that can grip us in a tightly knotted ball of feelings, feelings that we have to direct into some level of positive resolution. When feeling pent up intense emotions we can redirect mental triggers and diffuse the emotional charge through meditations, sessions or body work.

These larger oceanic ripples in the earth field tend to stimulate thoseā€¦

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