Being Yourself: The Highest Service

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baby-1596873__340By Raphael Awen

There is no greater service you could offer to the world than the service of profoundly being yourself.

There is no greater heroics, no epic call to achieve greatness that outshines the call to truly be yourself.

Greatness is already in you, but for parts of you, this may be the farthest from their current felt reality.

Part of you may feel insignificant. Part of you may feel like the opposite of any kind of greatness. If that’s true, then truly being yourself would require starting there wouldn’t it? It did for me. I found a way, along with the courage to no longer deny the parts of me who felt not only like the opposite to any positive thinking pep talk, but also who felt stuck in deep wells of unworthiness.

These parts of us, whom I believe we all have, are not the limitation on…

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