Ultimate False Flag Operation ~ Sept. 5, 2017

Weather warfare disclosure…


In light of Cobra’s revealing message that our world is about to change BIGTIME for the better, I almost didn’t post this article about perhaps, the “ultimate” false flag”. However, many, many more Americans need to understand just how mislead we have all become.

So…please read on below about the tools currently in use to “make us behave”, understand that our war for freedom has actually been WON, and…


Blaming Mother Nature for Terror Attacks
Using Weather Weapons of Mass Destruction

State of the Nation

With the exception of the false flag terror attacks staged on September 11, 2001, government-sponsored acts of weather warfare and environmental terrorism are exceedingly more deadly and destructive.

Consider that the current estimate for the damage caused to the Texas alone is already estimated to be $180 billion due to Hurricane Harvey.  Opportunities for disaster capitalism have always played a significant part in the decision…

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