Make Up Your Own Spirituality!

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lily-2221182__340By Raphael Awen

So you sit down with a little self-assignment to write the first 10 things that come to mind if you were to make up your own Spirituality, unedited, it doesn’t have to make sense to anyone but you, it doesn’t have to draw the masses, it just needs to be spontaneous and from you….go….

(You might want to write your own before reading mine, and share your results in the comments later below)

1. Get real or go home
2. Victims not welcome
3. Shit or get off the pot
4. I love you
5. I hate you
6. See the biggest picture you can
7. Want like there’s no tomorrow
8. Drop the role
9. If you’re happy with lesser things, good for you, I was too, until I wasn’t and I loved it and needed it while I did.
10. Love yourself first

Then, poof…

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