A Couple of Videos addressing “What’s going on?!?”… Goldfish 9-5-17 POTUS Update, and an 8-31-17 Kent Dunn video (with a new interviewer)


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Okay… here it is. I’m listening to the first one below. It’s only about 17 minutes, so relatively easy to listen to the entire thing. But I’m not necessarily all aligned with what Kent is putting out in that one. Then Louisa and Dr. Jim Fetzer look at the last week’s POTUS and other events.


Published on Aug 31, 2017
What will happen after 40 days of chaos with Kent Dunn.


Published on Sept 5, 2017

On The GoldFish Report No. 125, Jim and Louisa review the POTUS’s agenda and response to the North Korean H-Bomb test that resulted in a 6.3 Magnitude earthquake. Also President’s Trump’s response to Harvery is discussed. Also mentioned is Gen. Mattis’s response to No Korea as well as other world leaders. Jim and Louisa discuss the ‘engineered’ nature of this world stage event as well as other ‘engineered’ events such…

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