Your 3D Self: The Gateway To Your Runway

SoulFullHeart Way Of Life


3D has been related to in such a varied way.  What comes up inside can range from a prison cell to a school or playground.  Such a wide spectrum of ideas and emotions.  It is also seen and felt as energetic frequency.  We are ultimately energy and the vibration of that energy is contained in waveform. Not a very sexy definition but it can be translated emotively.  When you feel particular emotions in comparison to others you can feel the difference in energy.  The difference in your emotive density.  When you are in a more joyous and blissful state you feel a lightness of being and a connectivity that is beyond mental expression.  When you are in depression and/or rage, the felt energy is clearly different than that.  This energy creates more of the same as like attracts like.  Joy wants more joy.  Misery loves company.

Okay…still not feeling sexy…

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