Love Has Already Won

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korea-1611431__340By Raphael Awen

Until you accept that every want and every desire is coming ultimately from love, you are unable to see the forest for the trees.

Even the so called evil desires for self-gratification, power, control, destruction are all part of love’s reality that provide contrast and comparison for love to be seen and known for what it is.

Our deep rooted fears of imprisonment in a matrix that we cannot escape from stem from this staggering oneness in love that we are inescapably embedded in.

Our collective and personal attempts at hate, evil and greed are only escape attempts from this essence we are. Existentially, we have a need to press the boundaries, test the edges, and to see what actually is or isn’t. We simply cannot believe the immensity and power of love that we are informed from and with.

Looking at the big trees standing so…

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Earthing, Faery Portals, Dream Visioning & Pisces Full Moon

Tania Marie's Blog

Since the Solar Eclipse’s reset, there’s been a rush of very different energy pouring in – for some intensely forcing changes and for others like a welcome jet propulsion into the new. Everything seems to continue to be a step-by-step process of taking it all slowly without rush and truly anchoring in each step with depth of intention and understanding. With tomorrow’s Full Moon in Pisces (my native sun sign), intuition will be on an all-time high, so listening to it and trusting it will be key to support moving into your true power. This moon will help you to gain deeper insights and understanding about the seeds you’ve been planting in your garden, the intentions you have for them, and will illuminate what truly is guiding your life so that you have a broader grasp on the creative forces at work and how to harness them.

Boundaries again are…

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Walking Through The Necessary Death Process That Allows For Rebirth


SoulFullHeart Way Of Life

By Jelelle Awen


Has the death aspect of ascension been validated enough? The necessary process of letting go of the old, the dying, and the mourning that accompanies it? I feel this aspect of the process deeply in myself as I have experienced it so often over the years/lifetimes, in my own Metasoul, and as connected to the Universal soul/Divine Source too. Rebirth CANNOT happen without death, as nature and Gaia show us and remind us. Just wanting the rebirth and the ascension without the necessary death process is to limit the infinite possibilities that TRUE transmutation brings.
More and more recently souls (and their 3D selves) are just needing to share with me that they definitely feel like their worlds are collapsing, their lives are changing so much, and it feels like they are dying. And, I feel this with a deep compassion as the Divine has offered…

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Are you now an Observer?


This is a big Hey to all of you out there to let you know that I AM moving this week and next! With all of the chaos out there in the world right now, my own personal world is changing as well. There is one very large difference between me and a lot of our society though.

Even though I AM way too busy, I AM not stressed and really my  inner self is quite relaxed and composed. There are fires here in Oregon no too far from where the new house is out in the country…may be 25 miles? There were small particles of soot lightly dusting the ground as we moved items into storage.

But wait! More chaos is coming! Hurricanes out in the Altantic  (Irma and Jose) may very well force my 82-year old Mother, and brother who live in Eastern NC (about an hour from…

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Some August Review & Correct Experiences – HighHeartLife


Courtesy of HighHeartLife

Some August Review & Correct Experiences

It was a month ago, August 3, 2017, that my compressed and greatly amplified Review & Correct phase lets call it, began for me in the craziest, most in-my-face extreme sort of ways. I don’t need to tell anyone how potent July was, and then how August took it to another level altogether! We knew it was going to be an extra action-packed August this year but we didn’t know exactly how it all would play out in our internal bodies, hearts, consciousness and our external physical lives and realities. I’m going to share some highlights from what I experienced on August 3, 2017, because it was so obvious that I/we had entered and begun what August held for humanity.

  August 3rd I had to do some shopping and other errands and because I knew I…

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LISA RENEE – Time Shift Blog – Becoming Aware of Triggers – 9-5-17

Higher Density Blog

Lisa Renee

As the personal, collective and planetary consciousness undergoes this massive cosmic shift in which our consciousness rises in frequency, many people do not realize as a result of the polarity amplification and the increase of the forces of chaos, the matter world is actually becoming less dense. At the same time, our physical body may feel a great increase in energetic pressure that is created by the change in density that is occurring on the planet at the quantum level. Our physical bodies also become less dense overall as our personal frequency increases. Yet, as we come into contact with lower energies or reversal spirals of energy, the external can feel extremely dense, heavy and uncomfortable to navigate. These extremely dense energies in the external can feel extremely aggravating to our inner child’s pain body triggers, and any emotional conflicts that we have yet to resolve and clear…

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Enduring the Higher Frequency Energies ∞The 9th Dimensional Arcturian Council

Rainbow Wave of Light


“Greetings. We are the Arcturian Council. We are pleased to connect with all of you.

You have exceeded our expectations on many occasions. We are setting the bar higher for you now, because you have given us reason to expect more from you. We have noticed that no matter what the current state of the energies on your world, you are not only surviving, but you are actually taking the hit from the energies and morphing it into something that you can use, something positive in your lives.

We know that it isn’t easy. We can see the effects that the higher frequency energies are having on you, but rather than running and trying to hide from what they bring up within you, we’ve noticed that you are stepping up to the challenge and finding your foothold in these topsy-turvy times.

We also notice the tendency for all of you…

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Your 3D Self: The Gateway To Your Runway

SoulFullHeart Way Of Life


3D has been related to in such a varied way.  What comes up inside can range from a prison cell to a school or playground.  Such a wide spectrum of ideas and emotions.  It is also seen and felt as energetic frequency.  We are ultimately energy and the vibration of that energy is contained in waveform. Not a very sexy definition but it can be translated emotively.  When you feel particular emotions in comparison to others you can feel the difference in energy.  The difference in your emotive density.  When you are in a more joyous and blissful state you feel a lightness of being and a connectivity that is beyond mental expression.  When you are in depression and/or rage, the felt energy is clearly different than that.  This energy creates more of the same as like attracts like.  Joy wants more joy.  Misery loves company.

Okay…still not feeling sexy…

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