Barry Eaton: Fascinating Afterlife Insights – There is Life After Death!

 Editor:  Death is merely a passage.  Your soul is eternal.  Your being is multi-dimensional.  You are alive on multiple timelines, multiple dimensions, and multiple star systems and planets.  Death is NOT the end of life.  I realize that many Earth humans believe death to be the end, that they have only one life to live.  In a way that has been true, but only because with each reincarnation there has been a forgetting of what has gone on before.  You will remember…

What is the purpose of Life? What happens to you when you die? When everything around you becomes confusing and you don’t know where to turn next, you can always remember that we are here for a purpose and we never die, which quells the fears seeded within us. Author and radio show host Barry…

via Fascinating Afterlife Insights- There Is Life After Death! — How To Exit The Matrix

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