Transition To Light As Co-Creators In5D August 31, 2017

Higher Density Blog

Transittion to Light

by Angel V. Ornedo Jr.,   Guest writer,


With love-light we raise to higher consciousness Earth Gaia, the major purpose of a 5D being taking birth as a human living being. We do the reverse as forgetting took hold, creating profits from the resources of Earth and sweat of humanity, with ego running the show for self-aggrandizement further pulling the planet to lower dimensions from where it has fallen after a major collision. Earth has regrouped, reconsolidated and almost a sphere these million linear years. It is a living sentient being. NOW a stream of light from the heavens, the Central Sunopens our hearts and minds to truth, fully overflowing the land. Some of us have dedicated our lives to a purpose of livelihood creation to uplift forsaken lives and some are helping nature thru planet restoration, refilling mined-overlogged areas, plant trees destroyed…

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