Federal Indictment & Charges For Using SSN & Secret Trust TDA Account – Heather & Randell ~ July 29, 2017

The scoop on “Debt Slavery”… slavery without chains. What are we going to do now when this is over, tear down the banks?


Do you need to know how the whole Heather Ann Tucci-Jaraf/ Randy Bean arrest scenario happened? In a nut shell, Heather Ann is a financial attorney and Randy is a financial accountant. They are both spiritual and have “taken a stand” against the debt-slavery system of banking which we all “enjoy” today.

debt-slaveryPlease watch this video that explains, in detail, how the transactions of Randy are indeed VALID. The steps for this transaction were explained by Heather, who knows her banking “stuff”.

It is important for all of us to understand 1) the debt-slavery system we live under today, and 2) Heather and Randy are important contributors to “breaking the system”. Please hold this situation in your heart, take action as you feel led, and…


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