The Beauty and Power Of Feeling And Healing Our Parts

SoulFullHeart Way Of Life


Painting by Art of Jaswant

“I fear the hurt.  The rejection. The persecution…if I say what I really want to say. Expose what it is I really feel,” says the wounded inner sensitive parts of us.

“I fear I will harm, destroy, or wound another if I let out this energy that has all been bottled up,” says the guardian of the rage within.

“What if I am wrong, attacked, and made bad for what felt so real to me in this moment?,” says the voice of the perfection, punishment, and shame that lie inside.

“What if all that I genuinely feel inside is not acceptable or desirable to anyone and I am left all alone to live a solitary existence in the void of my heart?” says the deeper pain of our souls experience.

Even as we are held in the solace of Divine Grace and magic, we are…

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