‘Master, What Must I Do In Order To Ascend?’

Stop asking questions and begin living Life.

SoulFullHeart Way Of Life

water-lily-flower-2633791__340By Raphael Awen

The Student asked the teacher ‘Master, what must I do in order to ascend?’

The teacher replied ‘The entire universe is ascending all on its own super intelligence. You need only sit on your ass and do absolutely nothing and you will be most sure to ascend’.

The student paused long enough to suggest to the teacher that he had respectfully pondered his reply, and then came back with another question ‘Master, I have done nothing at times and I find myself plagued with boredom. Can you tell me how I might avoid boredom?’

The teacher again responded forthrightly ‘You must act upon all of your desires. Find out what you really want and pursue that to your heart’s desire. This is why you are here. Boredom is simply your heart calling out to you to pursue what you want’.

Now, the student was perplexed at the…

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