Journal Entry, 09.19.2017 – Then There Was Two…



Journal Entry, 09.19.2017 – Then There Was Two

First Harvey, then it was Irma and Jose — now it’s Jose and Maria.  These two latter named hurricanes are cruising through the Atlantic Ocean.  Jose is wandering slowly up the Eastern seaboard, off the coast but potentially bringing heavy rain and winds as it near Long Island and New England.  Maria is smashing what is left of the Windward Islands, American Virgin Islands and is now (Tuesday) churning towards Puerto Rico, that already bankrupt U.S. territory.  From early forecasts the storm is due to turn north after it creates havoc with the Dominican Republic and Haiti and steer well off the east coast of North America.  It doesn’t appear that the hurricane will affect Florida this time… or the Gulf States.  Yet one never quite knows where the storm is aiming until it makes or doesn’t make that northward turn.  We’ll know by late Thursday or early Friday… just a couple of days off.


Yet, today when I went to the store, everything looked fairly normal, except some of the shelves were still in the process of being restocked, especially water and some dairy goods.  No one was in a panic.  No evacuation orders are going out.  We don’t have a hurricane warning yet, either.  It is still a couple of days away.

As you drive through “my” neighborhood or the section of county where I live, there are piles of debris stacked up against the sidewalk, branches and sometimes whole trees that were ripped down by the winds of Irma.  Although only a Category 1 by the time she reached us, the heavy feeder bands were populated with thunder cells and tornadoes, so the winds and accompanying gusts did some damage in places and practically none in others.


This morning I drove to Wakodathatchee Wetlands Preserve only to find its gates still closed.  Obviously they were cleaning up after the storm and not yet prepared for guests. So I headed to nearby Green Cay which I knew was in business and took my usual bird walk.

Today, I was rewarded with sightings of two alligators and a passel of Roseate Spoonbills, a relative to the Ibis, with a distinctive beak and beautiful pink plumage.  There were also several white ibis, one glossy ibis, assorted egrets, herons, mud hens and Gallinule, cormorants and anhingas, as well as assorted turtles.  One of the alligators was in close proximity to several birds but didn’t seem interested in them as a food source.  The dark-skinned reptile slid past the birds and kept nosing into the reeds, perhaps looking for fish?


While it was the typical steamy hot weather, there were fewer clouds in the sky, at least initially this morning.  Yesterday we had a local cloud burst that was like standing under a waterfall and went on for over a half hour, soaking everything thoroughly.  I don’t normally have to wash my car as it sits out in the driveway at home when it rains like that.

In case anyone is curious, I’m taking a break away from Facebook and social media right now.  There is just too much going on in the world.  I need to rest and allow my emotional body to calm down after the stress of going through a hurricane.  While my house didn’t suffer much in the way of damage, I was feeling the distress of everyone around me.  As you can probably imagine, there was quite a bit of fear and panic in the air.  Just watching the water being grabbed off the pallets in the store and gas lines blocking lanes of traffic was a bit alarming.  While I “knew” that I was safe, it was quite exhausting to “feel” everyone else’s fear… and even my own body’s natural reactions.  You see, through these disasters, we are clearing the karmic return emanating from distant greater disasters, such as the sinking of Atlantis, the destruction of whole planets during Star Wars, the fleeing of humans from one star system to another.  It’s all there stored in our DNA, which is currently being upgraded by cosmic energies, solar flares and coronal mass ejections (CMEs).  You don’t need to understand fully what’s going on except to know that we (our bodies) are all being changed, transformed into something new.


Another thing… I’ve been suffering some erratic sleeping patterns lately, sleeping long hours one night and then waking up early in the morning and not being able to go back to sleep.  Last night was a short sleep night.

I’m keeping my eyes on Hurricane Maria, who blew up to a Category 5 in one day after being upgraded into a hurricane from a tropical storm.  The storms do seem to be getting pretty intense.  It doesn’t matter whether they are natural or being augmented by inorganic means; a lot of people are losing lives, property and livelihoods as a result of these storms and not just in the Atlantic and Gulf of Mexico (Harvey) but also in the Indian subcontinent and off the coast of Japan and China.  As Jennifer Hoffman wrote in her most recent update:  The Rupture and the Rapture, these storms are ripping apart the Veil and cleansing the atmosphere of centuries of human miscreation. Click here to read the text of her message.

As Jennifer explains, the Rupture or cleansing needs to come first before the Rapture, which she identifies as Ascension.  Personally, I’m not a practicing Christian and don’t believe in any rapture, but planetary ascension is real, a natural cycle of this universe.  It’s taking place right now.  See the works of David Wilcox and Lisa Renee for more information if you’re doing research.  I know what’s going on, but am not in the mood presently to teach anyone.


I’m also considering different places to live besides Florida.  I’ve been thinking about Arizona, but New Mexico appeals as well.  I’ll take my time as I don’t have the funds right now to make a move and winter is coming on.


First there was Irma and Jose, now there is Jose and Maria.  Living in this world is to garner experience and by golly, we’re all garnering quite a bit lately.

Bye all,

Eliza Ayres (aka “Sunny” VaCoupe)

© All Rights Reserved, Elizabeth Ayres Escher,

Permission is NOT granted to make videos or recordings of this material.

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Journal Entry, 09.15.2017 – Irma: The Aftermath



Journal Entry 09.15.2017 – Irma:  The Aftermath

Yes, folks, I survived Irma, one of the biggest, baddest hurricanes in recent history (or ever?).  It could have been a lot worst, but we still got hit with Category 1 winds here in Palm Beach County, north of Miami and Fort Lauderdale.  We were lucky.  Not living on a barrier island, being on the same grid at the power company, having the winds drop from a Category 4 at landfall to a Category 1… all of these factors led to our surviving the onslaught of this behemoth without much damage.

The Caribbean islands, the Dominican Republic / Haiti and Cuba… plus the Florida Keys suffered the most damage.  Especially the Keys.  There are 10,000 people there, those who didn’t, couldn’t, wouldn’t evacuate… now without water, power, sewer, air conditioning or food.  The authorities are doing their best, but it is going to be a slow recovery for those islands.  And they were going to be hit no matter which track the hurricane ultimately took.

Fortunately for the east coast, the eye of the storm tracked further west.  That does not mean we avoided the storm.  It was huge!  Huge!  And encompassed the entire girth of the Florida peninsula, from one coast to another.  The peninsula is only 90 to 150 miles wide after all and Irma was a monster, man-made or natural.  The amount of exposure depended on a lot of factors, whether you were situated on a coastal barrier island, near water, surrounded by tall trees, with power / without power.

After the storm passed by, I learned that the little house where I am renting is situated on the same electrical grid as Florida Power and Light (FPL) a company that is taking quite a bit of abuse lately from irritated residents who have now been without power for five or more days.  The hard-working linemen, from FPL and many other out-of-state companies are doing their best with a monumental task.  They also triage their work, getting main intersections lighted, hospitals, fire stations, etc.  Some neighborhoods are not so lucky, others are.  Many of the out-lying areas will not have power for quite some time.  Delray Beach has had a lot of issues with their aging power grid.  The barrier islands were, as of today, still closed to all but emergency personnel and property managers.  There’s no access to the beaches here, folks, so if you’re thinking of coming to Florida for a little holiday and look see at the damage, wait a couple of months.

I took my first outing today, venturing out on roads, looking at the damage to trees and shrubs.  All in all, things looked better than what I witnessed in Palm Coast last year after Matthew.  Brush was already removed from the streets, at least locally; major intersections were lighted; and my local Publix was getting restocked with supplies by happy employees.  There were no gas lines, although gasoline was more expensive now post two major hurricanes.

I thought I would go visit my favorite wetlands… or at least see if it was open for business.  As I approached, I saw a car pull out of the entrance, so I went in, parked and took a nice long walk on the boardwalk.  I was rewarded for my efforts by seeing an alligator, a pair of Roseate Spoonbills, and many other beautiful birds.  Some of the trees had been roughed up by the hurricane, losing branches, fronds and the like; the cypress looked a bit wind-burnt and sparse as needles had fallen during the great storm.  However, on the whole, the wetlands took the storm pretty well.  Nature is resilient.  People are, too, or can be, but it does pay to prepare before hand.

Thousands, if not millions of Florida residents fled before the storm, creating unbelievable traffic jams on I-95, the Turnpike and I-75.  I didn’t want to be part of that scene.  I knew I was safe where I was, so I chose to stay.  Other people in our neighborhood did the same; they stayed, and we fared pretty well compared to others.  I will say this, all the media hype before the storm landed in Florida didn’t help.  Despite my decision to stay, my surety that I would be safe, I was under a great deal of emotional distress the entire time… the build-up to the storm, during and finally some relief coming when the outer bands migrated north of our location.  It takes a kind of crazy courage to stay in the path of a hurricane, I guess.  And, boy, my housemate and I were relieved when we saw the storm being downgraded as it moved north.  A category 1 hurricane is a lot easier to survive than a Cat 3 or 4; just ask the people on St. Martinque Island or at Key West.

Irma was a killer.  Over 60 people lost their lives in the storm and searchers will probably find more as they carefully comb the rubble left in its wake.  Do not judge these souls for choices made.  Many people will be leaving the planet in the coming days as the frequencies heat up, some in a more dramatic way than others.  Death is not the end, but for many, a blessed relief.  It is us, those left behind, who have the sort out and begin afresh.

My thoughts and prayers go out to all those who have suffered through Harvey, Irma, the great monsoons in India and Pakistan, as well as the typhoon struck coasts of Japan and China.  The winds of change are upon us.  We must adapt, release and let go of what no longer serves.  Rise up to meet the new day.  It approaches!


I AM “Sunny” Kumara VaCoupe (aka Eliza Ayres)

© All Rights Reserved, Elizabeth Ayres Escher,

P.S. Below are some photos I took during my walk today:









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Eliza: On Dragons and Other Doings


Blue Dragon Journal

Eagle Creek, Eagle Cap Wilderness

Eliza: On Dragons and Other Doings

It’s a beautiful day outside, cool and pleasant, yet I wanted to write something.

I’m having a difficult time connecting with anything to write about… so, in order to get started, I will share portions of my notes from a session that I had in early 2009, with a talented healer / seer.

“When Lady Aurelia first focused on my energy patterns, she saw a clear spirit, a tremendous Being of Light with a crown on her head. She expressed it as my being the queen of my planet, holding a place of authority.”

Interesting, given that while I’m not a queen, I am an aspect of a Light Being and highly evolved Soul.

“She said that in my vertical aspect, I was an Ascended Lady Master and that I express at a higher level than that, above. She could not determine whether that…

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Eliza: What is Real?


Blue Dragon Journal

Eliza:  What is Real?

In a recent Facebook post, I commented:

If you give your power to ANYONE, the elite, the experts, the ascended masters, the angels… etc., you become their slave. YOU ARE GOD! NOW. Not tomorrow… not on September 28th… NOW.

These are strong words and more than one person might become uncomfortable reading them or even become upset to think that I am questioning their allegiance to the teachings of one or another “higher” being or a person who presently appears to exercise great authority and power on the earth plane.

My words are MEANT to stir the energies, to get you to think, but with your HEART, your heart-mind, the blending of your emotional and mental bodies, which naturally occurs as you edge up in frequency and vibration.

Yesterday, I connected… finally… with the realization that one person in my life is currently acting out how I…

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Journal Entry 09.10.2017 – The Howling



Journal Entry, 09.10.2017 – The Howling

Back home in the Pleiades, I live on a desert isle.  Saquero cactus grow on the hills around Medina.  The town of Medina used to be a small village but has grown since the great Shemont temple was built there.  Pilgrims come from all over the multiverse to worship the Mother Goddess there.

Our homes in Medina are built mostly underground.  Extended family live in these spacious homes.  There are gardens on the surface and light tubes brighten the rooms below.  The design of these buildings is due to the high temperatures experienced during the summer months in Medina, with temperatures reaching up to 140 degrees F during the day, 80 degrees F during the night.  Also… there is the Howling, an annual event wherein great winds blow into town, creating a massive dust storm for days.  No ships can fly, no one leaves the safety of their homes.

When I woke up this morning to hear the wind blowing outside, I was reminded of the Howling.  While Irma is a very wet storm compared to our sand-filled Howling, the effect is similar.  Few people are outside.  The steady winds this afternoon are in the low fifties MPH ranging to 70 MPH gusts.  There is some rain, but mostly wind.

Since yesterday, Irma migrated far enough westward for the eye-wall of the storm to miss us, but anyone looking at a map of Florida can see that the storm is encompassing the entire state in its wet grasp.  And Irma is moving very slowly, which means Tampa, Florida, will have to await its fate.  This city has avoided direct confrontation with hurricanes for nearly one hundred years.  The last hurricane hit Tampa in 1924.  That record is about to change as the eye of Irma is bearing down upon one of the largest metropolitan areas on the west coast of Florida.

Our power keeps blinking off and on, but thanks to good planning, the electrical cables are buried underground.  That isn’t the case for many of the older neighborhoods, even the ritzy and expensive coastal communities.  A project to bury the wires is underway along a portion of Highway A1A, but it’s too late for this storm.  Those communities will probably experience some storm surge as well, which is forecast to be about three to six feet.  Remember, the storm surge is just the beginning; you have to factor in the height of the incoming waves on top of the surge.  Do a little simple math and you can foretell that there will be quite a bit of beach erosion, something that these coastal cities do not like to see, but tell that to the Atlantic Ocean and the storms she carries to these shores from Africa.

A friend tells me that parts of Miami were actually built eight feet below sea level.  You would think that after the nightmare of Katrina, that developers and city planners would be smarter, but no, money rules here.  So there will be entire neighborhoods under water for some time after the storm wanders northward to swamp Georgia and South Carolina with its remaining tropical moisture.  Anyone living in those states should prepare… this storm is a wet one.  Prepare for flooding, flash floods, mudslides and downed power lines.  Evacuate to higher ground and prep as well as you can.  You do have time, as it will be tomorrow before the main body of the storm reaches the borders of Georgia.  Still, this storm is so huge, it is pushing bands far outside the eye-wall.  Here in Palm Beach County, we started receiving thunderstorms and getting tornado warnings yesterday, when the storm was still lumbering along the coast of Cuba, over 200 miles away.  She’s big, she’s wild… she’s a howler!

Personally, I’ve been napping quite a bit, working on the blog while the internet is on, and getting acquainted with my housemate.  We’re prepared if the power goes out, but right now it is on, so I’m thankful, as this is one way to keep in touch with all of my readers and Facebook friends.

I feel that Irma is a turning point for our nation and each of us.  You never know your own strengths until confronted with choices.  I was offered sanctuary in Zephyr Hills, a town NE of Tampa, which sits on relatively high ground… for Florida.  I chose to shelter in place despite the kind offer.  Now I’m glad that I chose to stay as Tampa and all the areas around that city will face the full on fury of the oncoming storm, as well as the agonizingly long time of her inevitable approach.  If you happen to live in that area, evacuate now from all areas subject to storm surge, while you still can.

We just got another tornado warning.  As the stronger bands from the storm move through this area, there are some embedded tornadoes.  Fortunately, I haven’t heard of any touching down yet, but news coverage is sketchy at the moment.  And the Miami radar was actually knocked out.  That alone should tell you just how strong this storm is as the eye-wall is now on the other side of the Everglades, approaching Marco Island.

Another blink with the power, so I’ll end here.  My prayers go out to all who have been and will be affected by this mighty storm.


Eliza Ayres (aka Cmdr. Sundeelia VaCoupe, The White Winds, flagship for the Pleiadian Fleet).

© All Rights Reserved, Elizabeth Ayres Escher,

No recordings or videos of this material are authorized.


Journal Entry, 09.06.2017 – Hurricane Irma Looms



Journal Entry, 09.06.2917 – Hurricane Irma Looms

Having survived Matthew last autumn (2016) I’m not exactly eager to endure another potentially bigger storm.  Harvey made landfall in Texas.  There is much controversy as to whether or not it was an engineered storm.  I feel that it was a natural storm that was augmented unnaturally by various geoengineering techniques available to the military-industrial complex in our nation.  Why are these people basically working against Americans and nature?  Good question.  And something to really think about.

My sister, RaNia, and I were warned that many difficult things would be occurring in the next couple of months.  We were not told what to expect or where these things would be happening.  We were told that we are protected.  So, we have to manage to trust what we’ve been given and our own intuition, as well.  Just this morning, I followed my gut to the local Publix (a grocery store) and found some water being sold.  I’ve been drinking bottled water since arriving in Florida — not something I like to do, but it’s so hot here in the summer you need the extra fluids on hand.  I bought enough for my housemate and me.  If we have extra, we can give some to our neighbors.

In making basic preparations, we’re hoping and praying that Irma isn’t above a Cat 3 by the time it arrives… if it arrives.  The newscasters and Weather services are going nuts pushing the hype about this storm.  Yes, it is a Cat 5 right now.  Will it become a Cat 6 like some are suggesting?  I don’t think so.  Will it drop to a Cat 3 or lower?  Possibly.  Only time will tell.  Thank you in advance for keeping Florida and the East Coast in your prayers and meditations!

On Monday, my sister and I helped set a line of pillars on the East Coast and extending 150 miles off the coast.  We were directed to do this by our Pleiadian family, primarily Lady Claudine, the Pleiadian Goddess of Change, who is also currently a member of Earth’s Karmic Board.  We set the pillars with the assistance of the Resurrection Angels.  The pillars extend to the edge of the Earth’s atmosphere and one mile deep into the earth’s crust.  The area covered is from Key Largo to Quebec, the entire Eastern seaboard.  I deduce the reason for this is that Irma was / is being designed to take out the entire infrastructure of the East Coast, including Washington D.C. and New York City. Such destruction would cheer the globalists who would want to send in U.N. troops to declare martial law in our nation.  After all, the same globalists are furious with Trump for abandoning the Paris Climate Accords.  I feel that they and their cohorts in the States are using these storms to destroy the American people, out of revenge and in continuation of their long-term agenda to create an elitist one world government.  Not going to happen… nope.

My sister and I were also told that after we get through this last… last difficult period, things will change greatly.  It will be like the dawn after a long, long night, figuratively and literally.  The dark night of soul for the entire planet and its people.  The fifth dimensional energies are here and active.  And with this storm there is in process a change over in the elemental kingdom.

You see, the Resurrection Pillars that were set are designed to release ALL elementals who have been captured, manipulated and tortured into carrying out the agenda of the negative energies.  A Resurrection Pillar draws in all human soul fragments and specifically, all elementals who desire to be cut free.  They are being replaced by elemental beings from all over the galaxy who are higher dimensional beings impervious to manipulation from lower density frequencies.  In other words, they will not comply with the wishes of the dark overlords.  Lady Claudine, who is an Elohim and who regards all elementals as Her children, made this clear to us.  The new elementals are here to create the New Earth.  As elementals are the creators of physicality… working through the mineral, plant and animal kingdoms, we should soon begin to see the physical out-playing of these eager new workers.  That is particularly exciting and hopeful news!

As co-creators, all Earth humans — or at least those with a heart flame — have the ability to tap into energies and work with them.  You can assist the elementals in tapping down the storms, the fires, floods and earthquakes, while keeping in mind that some of these natural “disasters” are needed to cleanse the Earth of the collective effluvia created by human miscreations.  Yes… our own karma is being returned to us, but it can be alleviated through the Gift of Grace, by use of the Violet Flame and meditation.

The power that the dark lords have so misused will be brought to bear against them as they can no longer hold off their own karmic return… especially as mankind continues to waken up to the reality of the centuries… centuries of shenanigans and manipulations used by those who knew and utilized the dark arts to keep power over the rest of humanity.  Some doubt that these people are even human.  That’s debatable, but there some truth to the rumor, as will be discovered by all when full disclosure is given to the people.  Much has been hidden, but much will be revealed soon.

No, I don’t have all the answers.  Sometimes an answer will come only if I ask the right question or only when I need to know something.  Learn to trust your own intuition and what it is telling you… all the time… even when you do not deign to listen.  Put the phone down and use it for emergencies or vital communications.  Your intuition is more important now, especially in areas hard hit by various disasters, where electricity and wifi are not available.  In the end, you will be dependent on your own inner wisdom and common sense and the assistance of others.  It is human to depend on others for help, but it is wise to prepare in advance if given the time to do so.  The window screens go up tomorrow as we prepare for the oncoming storm, Irma.  Let us hope that Irma follows the East Coast off-shore, further out than Matthew and it just becomes a memory in the minds of millions, except for those poor souls directly in its path now… on the Caribbean islands of Puerto Rico, Haiti/Dominican Republic, Cuba and the Florida Keys.  My prayers also go to those folks living in the Pacific Northwest, a place where I lived for a long time. Many of the woods where I once hiked are now on fire and my friends are breathing smoke.

Off to do some laundry while we still have water and electricity here.  Take care, everybody, no matter where you are.  If the storm does come on shore this weekend, it may be some time before I’m back online, so “bye!” all.


Eliza Ayres (aka “Sunny” VaCoupe)

©  All Rights Reserved, Elizabeth Ayres Escher,  Permission to make recordings / videos of this material is NOT granted.


Eliza: On Learning Discernment


Blue Dragon Journal

Cottonwood Heart

Eliza: On Learning Discernment

What is discernment? To me, it is the ability to determine what resonates for me, at the moment. Whatever is resonating to me, is what I need for the next step in my journey. Learning discernment could be described as the fine art of listening to the One who dwells within. It is a journey that takes you to a place where you can begin to experience grace and forgiveness.

If you have read my two series of articles, “From One Who Has Served” and “My Spiritual Journey”, you will have seen that I was able to begin to discern my path even as a young person, when I first found my joy in reading books at age seven.

Reading stories was my way of finding worlds to explore, worlds very different than the one in which I found myself.

In other lifetimes, perhaps I found my…

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Archangel Metatron via James Tyberonn – The Winds and Waters of Change – Understanding Disasters


Copyrights Reserved 2017 Greetings Masters, I am Metatron, Angelic of Light with Tyberonn of Crystalline Service. We welcome each of you in a vector of unconditional love. We speak today on a very timely topic, that of natural disasters. We understand the deep trauma and sorrow, as well as the great pain and misery that […]

via The Winds & Waters of Change; Understanding Disasters by Archangel Metatron via James Tyberonn — Enigmatic Healing Blog