Nature Walk 08.31.2017 – Humid and Hot


Nature Walk 08.31.2017 – Humid and Hot

But not raining.  Florida was steaming under a hot late August sun, while Texas is beginning a slow recovery from the onslaught of Hurricane Harvey.

Birds were few and far between today, but I still had a good walk.  The title photo is of a Glossy Ibis.  While on my walk, I saw a whole flock of these beautiful birds fly in above Green Cay.





Little Blue Heron


Great Egret


Tri-colored Heron

I was at the wetlands earlier than usual to beat the heat.  Still, by the time I finished, I was dripping wet, par for course.

Hope you enjoy the photos and this little tour.


Eliza Ayres

© All Rights Reserved, Elizabeth Ayres Escher,



6 thoughts on “Nature Walk 08.31.2017 – Humid and Hot

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  2. Thanks for the photos. We went to the south shore of the Columbia bar for a few days camping. Darlene came down sick on our return trip. She is spending time in the hospital awaiting a diagnosis or cessation of symptoms. Tomorrow I head to Hood Canal for the Kitsap Highland Games.

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