Benjamin Fulford 8-29-17… “Q&A with Benjamin Fulford”

Kauilapele's Blog

Some may be interested in Benjamin’s answers to several questions posed by readers. Most of his answers indicate a positive timeline scenario.

“…I can assert for sure the Trump regime is a de facto military junta and the US military has already taken action.

“George Soros has not been arrested because he has been killed. The cabalists are trying to maintain the illusion he is alive because they need a front man like him to act as a cover for the real actors like the Rothschilds.

“…Antifa and BLM… have been [identified as terrorist organizations] and they are being rounded up.

“…the CIA and FBI… are split into both factions but the Trump faction is now prevailing.

“The White Dragon Society is pushing for, and participating in, top level negotiations to revamp and, at times replace, the international architecture that was put in place after World War 2.”



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