The American Way: Mindless Pursuit

Put your phone down and go and live!

Deus Nexus

Image by Steve Cutts,Source

For me, nothing better epitomizes the “mindless pursuit” of the new “American Way” than watching grown adults compulsively checking their Facebook app, or searching for Pokémon Go.  We’ve become a nation of electronicly-leached zombies with our heads down in subservience, fixated upon our mobile phones while society falls apart around us. It’s almost comically tragic – America (and much of the rest of the world) is sleepwaking over a cliff.

At some point in recent history, the American Dream morphed from “Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Happiness,” to the mindless pursuit of hedonistic pleasure, materialism, distraction, validation, and entertainment.

This shift represents a sleeping population that has become psychologically and emotionally arrested in perpetual adolescence, a population that has simply become too complacent and terrified to grow up and face any sort of real truth.

As I illustrated in the post The State of Being Sheeple:

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