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I would suggest reading yesterday’s article before reading this one because they both tie in together.  Click here to go to the article

But before I go into Harvey, I would like to share my personal experiences on the day of the solar eclipse, and as well as past eclipses.  I have always suffered during every single solar eclipse – not emotionally in the physical world, but psychic suffering. It’s the kind of suffering that the majority of people don’t understand and think you’re nuts if you bring it up.  During each eclipse, I would be psychically attacked…full on scare-the-crap-out- of- you attacks.  I experienced these attacks in my lucid dreams as well as

solar eclipse 2017 Taken from my backyard

when I was awake.  When I was awake it would feel like bees stinging my body.  I would have “things” in my dreams chase me into my awake reality.  Some of…

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