Victoria Cochrane’s Channellings From the Masters:The Truth Behind Terrorism: Tapping into the Human Collective Consciousness

I would add: Use the Archangel Michael Shield daily to reinforce your auric field against anything LESS than Love. AA Michael and His Legions are at your side, but need your permission to assist.


Rachael was feeling fine until she suddenly and inexplicably wanted to commit mass murder. She plotted in her head how she was going to fill her car with fertiliser, ignition points and diesel fuel. The hatred she felt was all consuming until, after about two hours she ‘came to her senses’ and snapped out of it and wondered what on Earth she was doing! If Stella were not already spiritually aware and had not begun the practice of polarising herself to North every morning, the end of this story might be very different.

The world is surrounded by waves of human consciousness that ebbs and flows with negativity and positivity, because every thought that every human in the world thinks goes out into this consciousness. Its surrounds the planet like an invisible blanket and, because all in the Universe is One, every human mind is connected through thought frequencies. The…

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